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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

MaxDrive 2.0: Backing up is hard to do – not #ad

Dr Amit Pareek has just released MaxDrive 2.0, the newest cloud storage and delivery facility.We all have videos we want to use in our marketing. They could be training videos, sales videos, affiliate videos and more.They take up a lot of space on your hosting. ou may even need to buy a bigger hosting plan after a while.Now, your media hosting worries are overwith MaxDrive 2.0, which was just launched. To use your new media storage, you just need to follow 2 Simple Steps:Step 1: Just upload any media file from your PC. MaxDrive 2.0 optimizes it for speed and resolution so that when someone... [...]

Free e-book on US COVID-19 Payroll Protection Plan #ad

If you are in the United States and have lost income due to the COVID-19 virus, you may be eligible to apply for assistance from the special fund set up by the US Congress.Congress set a system of forgivable loans, known as the Payroll Protection Plan, available both to self-employed individuals and to small businesses.The first available funds were quickly exhausted, with many people still needing help. So, on June 30th, 2020, U.S. Congress extended the Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) to distribute over $121 BILLION in more funds for forgivable loans to millions of self-employed U.S. individuals... [...]

One Minute Traffic Machines: low-cost blueprint for traffic #ad

There are no two ways about it: You can’t have a successful site without traffic. Ideally, you won’t have to pay to get it and it won’t take a lot of work to get it.That’s why The Rhodes Brothers, Matt Rhodes and John Rhodes created One Minute Traffic Machines.It shows you how you can get free traffic from a pool of 88 million buyers.So you don’t need Facebook ads. You don’t need paid ads of any kind. So marketers with empty pocketbooks can still bring good traffic to their sites.This can help you regardless of the niche you sell in. These 88 million buyers... [...]

Asigo: eService Dropshipping (How can you dropship a service?) #ad

Asigo lets you be ‘The First To Market’ in the growing eServices industry, even if you aren’t an expert.Experienced online marketers Chris Munch and& Jay Cruiz have written a new report called The Rise of eServices, available at no charge, which introduces you to eServices dropshipping.They explain how they created a “$100k eStore” that you can clone using their new system, Asigo.This is a new industry and a new business model for online marketing. It has been doing well and has been projected to grow in the next several years.But the current economic climate and... [...]

Pizza Money: Local Restaurants need this service #ad

Dr. Ben Adkins just released Pizza Money. It shows you how to create your own SMS marketing service for restaurants in less than 25 minutes.Just show restaurants why they need it and offer it for a monthly fee. It takes only a few minutes a month to support a client, but the service will be a real blessing to them, and for that value, they should be willing to sign up as a long-term client.Don’t let the name fool you. Adkins started doing it for pizzerias, but it isn’t limited to pizza. This system works for all kinds of restaurants, including bars, steakhouses, sushi, Mexican, etc. The... [...]

Krowd – when you want a crowd of website visitors #ad

Krowd software was just released by Venkata Ramana and Mark Bishop. It looks like this is hit. In less than a week, over 3000 copies were sold.It’s late here, so for the sake of time, I will let Mark Bishop explain [I abbreviated a little] what they were trying to accomplish.What if you could unlock instant access to one of the biggest Free Traffic phenomena of 2020 in the next 5 minutes?Right now this platform is exploding, with over 320 Million highly targeted users and potential buyers each month.320 Million people waiting to click very specific links, and when they click those links,... [...]

FunnelVio: Funnels in a flash, “point and click” easy #ad

Marketing funnels are key to the growth of any marketing business. You don’t want to sell a single product to a customer. You want to offer them a series of related products that build on their original purchase and make these additional offers at a time and in a sequence that makes sense for them.Less than 24 hours ago, FunnelVio was released to the public (i.e., the tribe of online marketers around the world), and it provides a significant boost to your funnel-building capabilities.This new funnel building tool creates individual landing pages if that’s all you need, but it also... [...]

Neil Napier shows how to build better marketing funnels 10 AM #ad

At 10 AM Wednesday, FunnelVio, game-changing Funnel Builder announced #adAt precisely at 10 AM EDT (3 PM UK time), Neil Napier will be leading a live training webinar to show you a few funnel building tricks.With what you discover on this webinar, you can:1. Create better funnels2. Generate more leads, and3. Sell more productsIf you haven’t already done so, make sure you go ahead and sign up here (and be there 10 minutes early, due to the limited sets available.)From everything we have seen so far, this webinar will fill up quickly because a lot of people are promoting this webinar. (Of... [...]

Stuff My Inbox: Give away xBoxes to build your email list (and business) #ad

This has been very popular software during the last week. Over 2000 people invested in it.Stuff My Inbox was created by Bryan Winters as a way that even beginners can build a successful business online. We haven’t tested it, ourselved, but Winters says “it literally works every time.”This new software generate a distinctive, game-changing website for you, a site that Winters hosts for no charge.Your site leverages giving away a Free XBOX to do what you need done to have a valuable website:► Builds you an email list of your own, that you can market other products to►... [...]

Choose photos to evoke emotions in your marketing #ad

Experienced marketers know that when people’s emotions are engaged, their buying interest increases.That’s the reason behind SuoerGoodProduct‘s new collection of photos you can us on your website: Emotion Evoke Cloud Library Bundle.It includes tens of thousands of photos that have been carefully grouped into categories representing specific emotions. Indeed, there are over 200 categories, (that’s right, over 200 emotions) that you might want to use in your marketing. Boredom, fear, elation, grumpiness, happiness, and that’s just the beginning. There are about... [...]