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Thursday, June 20, 2024

AI Marketo: marketing workflows automated by AI #ad

All marketing involves a flow of work from one process step to the next. AI Marketo automates these steps for many processes so your work flows more smoothly, quickly, and efficiently. A workflow is like a recipe for how to do a process right. In the case of a cooking recipe, such as when you bake a cake, you gather the ingredients, the tools (measuring cup, spatula, parchment paper, etc.), and follow the instructions in the recipe, step by step, in the proper sequence. Your work flows through these sequential steps. If you follow this process the same way every time, you get the same results... [...]

KleverNews AI: AI-Generated Trending News, Articles, Contents #ad

    KleverNews AI is a system that helps create (and operate or sell) self-updating ChatGPT3-powered news sites in minutes, in any niche, with a single keyword. As we announced Friday, it was launched over the weekend. There are many ways you can put it to work in your business. Here are a few ways, for example: 1) Monetize the sites you build with affiliate offers from Clickbank, Amazon, W+, etc. 2) Build an email list, promote CPA and affiliate offers 3) Offer sponsored posts for a fee 4) Generate revenue through Adsense (Klever News AI write unique content so it can meet Google’s... [...]

Klever News AI: Create & sell news websites in any niche #ad

Klever News AI, which is being released tomorrow, taps into the power of ChatGPT3 to build News sites in any niche you choose, and it does it with just a few clicks because AI does the rest. Did you know that News sites are the most visited, shared, and talked about websites on the web? Besides that, they are also super profitable. That’s why you might want to consider Klever News AI. With it, you can create (and operate or, if you prefer, sell) self-updating, ChatGPT3-powered News sites in minutes. And you don’t need any tech skills to do it. This is a sophisticated system that helps... [...]

Pages website builder closes Sunday PM; new bonuses included #ad

Pages is an AI-driven website and page builder, expertly designed for agencies and local businesses aiming to gain a competitive advantage in the contemporary digital market. The launch week is ending Sunday at midnight, NY time. It features a robust template system, and streamlines the process of creating visually-stunning and professional websites in a matter of minutes. And then, you can use it to quickly generate custom text for each website and page you build, right inside the builder. Pages‘s top benefits are: ☝ Rapid Website Creation ☝ AI-Powered Customization ☝ Extensive Template... [...]

Pages intuitive website builder for local businesses (Price Increase) #ad

Pages by Convertlead is a website builder that is perfect for small businesses (or for marketing agencies that work with small businesses) that want to establish an online presence quickly and efficiently. By using this platform, you can create websites with ease, without having to worry about coding, designing, hosting or domain registration. One of the best things about Pages is that it’s remarkably easy to use. You don’t need any tech experience to create a stunning landing page. Simply drag and drop the elements you want to include on your page, and then customize them to your... [...]

GPTProfit builds your online business in minutes, not weeks #ad

GPTProfit is a brand new tool that builds an online business in just minutes with the help of GPT Technology from OpenAI. It does this by: ➤ Building Business Websites ➤ Writing unique content with AI from GPT ➤ Adding relevant affiliate products embedded with your affiliate links ➤ Spreading the word on multiple social media to drive traffic, leads, and sales ➤ Capturing leads in your autoresponder to help you build ongoing profits ➤ Plus, a Commercial License is included so you you can build business sites for other marketers, too. But how is GPTProfit different from most affiliate... [...]

Pages software creates automated websites for local businesses in seconds #ad

As we reported, Pages by Convertlead was released to the public yesterday. Neil Napier, the leader of the Convertlead company, the company that created it, describes it as the “World’s First Intuitive Website Builder For Local Businesses”. In today’s world, every local business needs a fresh beautiful website with several pages to spread the company name and company news. Even the businesses that already have a website, for the most part, have ancient-looking websites that look especially bad on smartphones. As a result, they are losing business every day. It could add up to... [...]

Last Chance: Join the PAGES Webinar Today, 10 AM ET/NY #ad

.bottom-three { margin-bottom: 3cm; } The Pages webinar is today at 10 EDT. (We had the wrong date.) Neil Napier and his team are demonstrating their groundbreaking Pages software, which lets you quickly build websites without any tech skills or experience at 10:00 AM NY Time, today. Sign up for the webinar here: Pages Training. If you want to: ■ Build and flip websites, ■ Build websites for clients, particularly local businesses, or ■ Build a large collection of sites for yourself, this may be the solution you need because: Its AI lets it create professional websites quickly... [...]

AiPlex: AI-powered solution for affiliate marketing #ad

AiPlex was just released. It is a ChatGPT4-Powered marketing tool that creates an affiliate system that builds pre-sales pages, ebooks to use as click magnets, landing pages, and emails for promoting your affiliate offer (that is, an offer for which you are an affiliate.) After automatically building these assets for you, it will drive traffic to your landing pages and pre-sales pages. Do you sense what it just did? It did everything for you. You just tell it what product or niche you need and it does the rest. It’s a new app that is just released to the market… And you can pick up your copy... [...]

AIPlex builds you an affiliate system from scratch #ad

AiPlex is the first-ever AI-driven app that creates affiliate sites and related marketing materials. Just tell it what you want. The easiest way to get started on line is affiliate marketing; no product development, no customer support; . All you do is send customers to other marketers who handle the sale and give you a commission for the sales you send to them. There are several ways you can promote products as an affiliate, but one of the best is to create a website where you do a “show and tell” about the products you promote. Mosh Bari has created AiPlex, which he calls, “the... [...]

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