AiPlex Affiliate SoftwareAiPlex was just released. It is a ChatGPT4-Powered marketing tool that creates an affiliate system that builds pre-sales pages, ebooks to use as click magnets, landing pages, and emails for promoting your affiliate offer (that is, an offer for which you are an affiliate.)

After automatically building these assets for you, it will drive traffic to your landing pages and pre-sales pages.

Do you sense what it just did? It did everything for you. You just tell it what product or niche you need and it does the rest.

It’s a new app that is just released to the market…

And you can pick up your copy now at a big discount and secure your copy of a very nice bonus package that is included.

With AiPlex, you can:

➤ Create a stunning, AI-powered eBook in any niche. It will be filled with your affiliate links so that when the reader clicks on a link and buys a product recommended in the book, ➤ you will be paid a commission.
➤ Create high-converting funnels in any niche with zero coding and designing so once a person buys they are offered other buying opportunities.
➤ Create AI emails that turn readers into customers
➤ Get plenty of targeted clicks in any niche.

All of that and more is possible with this new automated system for affiliates.

Click here now, watch it in action, and start using it to build your own affiliate business: AiPlex.

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