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Friday, April 12, 2024

KPIs, Metrics & Benchmarks That Matter For SEO Success In 2023, July 26 [Webinar]

The best way to contextualize your data and adapt strategies is by comparing your website’s performance to the latest SEO benchmarks. Search Engine Journal is hosting a webinar ‘KPIs, Metrics & Benchmarks That Matter For SEO Success In 2023’ on Wednesday, July 26, 2023, at 2.00 pm ET. The SEJ team says, “On July 26, join Conductor’s SEO and content marketing experts as they guide you through their research on the latest SEO benchmarks and insights by industry for 2023. Discover the best ways to utilize these average KPIs for your organic strategies. You’ll learn: Organic... [...]

Copywriting Techniques for Better Email Engagement

Email engagement is the measurement of how subscribers interact with your email marketing campaigns. This includes metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate. AWeber contributor Kaleigh Moore has published an article featuring eight techniques to improve email engagement. She says, “Here are a few email copywriting best practices you can start using right away. Use a conversational tone Your goal is to communicate. This starts with everyday language, short sentences, and short paragraphs. Famous writer Elmore Leonard said: “If it sounds like writing, rewrite it.” That’s... [...]

How I transformed a zero-traffic blog to grow monthly [Video]

AWeber has published a new video ‘How I transformed a zero-traffic blog to grow monthly’ as part of the Behind the Newsletter series. The AWeber team says, “Sean Tinney and Chris Vasquez walk through the thinking behind this week’s edition of the AWeber newsletter on how to get organic traffic to old blog posts. We talk through: How Sean picked the topic. What his goal with the email is.” AWeber  [...]

ClickAIbank: ClickBank Affiliate Sites That Rank Themselves #ad

ClickAIbank is live now. It creates Premium ClickBank Affiliate Sites in 3 easy clicks. It currently is available for special launch pricing which ends next week. Now you can have fully automated, 100% Done for You Clickbank Sites. If you are new online, you may not have heard of Clickbank yet. It is the largest affiliate platform in the world for digital goods. Product creators offer products on and offer affiliates a commission for bringing customers who buy their offer. With ClickAIbank, you can tap into world’s biggest affiliate network and become an accomplished affiliate marketer. It... [...]

Five Steps Build an Audience From Scratch

Creating a follower base is one of the requirements when it comes to promoting your business. Communicating regularly with your audience helps you keep them updated about your business and products. Copyblogger expert Tim Stoddart has published an article featuring five steps to help you build an audience from scratch. He says, “The good news is that building a new audience isn’t impossible. It just requires a different strategy than before. So in this post, we’ll discuss a step-by-step strategy you can use to build an audience from scratch in 2023. Step 1: Select a Topic, Medium, and... [...]

How to Build An Organization of Top Performing Marketers [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘How to Build An Organization of Top Performing Marketers’ featuring useful marketing strategies. He says, “Building an organization of top-performing marketers requires a strategic and comprehensive approach that encompasses various aspects, including recruitment, training, culture, and ongoing development. This video will outline the key steps and considerations involved in creating a team of exceptional marketers.” Neil Patel’s Blog  [...]

How the E-A-T Ecosystem Has Transformed Organic Search [Video]

MOZ has published a video ‘How the E-A-T Ecosystem Has Transformed Organic Search’ from MozCon 2021. The MOZ team says, “Learn why E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) has taken a front seat in SEO discussions in recent years, the numerous places where Google focuses on E-A-T, and how the growing emphasis on surfacing authoritative content has drastically changed the organic search landscape across search, News, Discover, YouTube, and more.” MOZ  [...]

The Power of Personalized Offers at Scale, August 8 [Webinar]

While every other technology improves, ad tech has regressed. Privacy shifts have made targeting more difficult and attribution murkier. Adweek is hosting a webinar ‘The Power of Personalized Offers at Scale: How General Mills Fights Ad Tech Murkiness’ on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, at 1.00 pm EDT. The Adweek team says, “Hear about this strategy from General Mills’ head of brand experience KC Glaser, along with Fetch SVP of partnerships and GTM operations Jeff Lau. You’ll find out: How to improve your signal to grow a loyal consumer base Ways to iterate into personalized offer... [...]

Pinterest Ads 2023: Step-by-Step Guide to Promoted Pins [Video]

HubSpot has published a new video ‘Pinterest Ads 2023: Step-by-Step Guide to Promoted Pins’ featuring Pinterest advertising tactics. The HubSpot team says, “Welcome to our ultimate Pinterest Ad Campaign tutorial! In this video, we’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of setting up and managing your Pinterest ad campaigns, all while using a mock account for a hands-on learning experience! What You’ll Learn: How to create a Pinterest Business account Setting up and managing Pinterest ad campaigns from scratch Crafting the perfect ad creative with best practices Expert... [...]

Understanding Data Analytics for In-House Marketing Teams [Video]

Semrush has published a new video ‘Understanding Data Analytics for In-House Marketing Teams’ explaining data analytics. The Semrush team says, “Looking to improve your comprehension of marketing analytics tools and reports? Watch this video from Jeff Sauer, Founder of Data Driven, to discover the tools and frameworks he recommends for next-level analytics skills.” Semrush  [...]

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