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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Email Marketing Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide [Report]

MarTech has published a new report ‘Email Marketing Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide’ to help marketers stay up to date and learn about new and better features in the latest generation of email technology. The MarTech team says, “This 51-page report examines the market for Email Marketing Platforms and the considerations involved in implementation, profiles leading vendors, and reviews the latest trends, opportunities and challenges. Also included in the report are profiles of 9 Email Marketing Platform vendors, pricing information, capabilities comparisons and recommended... [...]

Influencer Marketing: The Ultimate Guide [Guide]

Influencer marketing is about product placement or endorsement on social media networks through an influencer. Digital Marketing Institute has published ‘Influencer Marketing: The Ultimate Guide’. Lyndsey Hall says, “Just think about the influencer superstars in this realm – the Kardashians who smash social media on a regular basis. In this blog, we’ll explore these topics to help your influencer marketing strategy succeed: Current Influencer Marketing Statistics Types of Influencers Do’s and Dont’s of Influencer Marketing Types of Influencer Collaborations How to... [...]

Ahrefs Explains SEO Process in a Nutshell

A strong SEO strategy helps you grow your website’s traffic from organic search results. Ahrefs contributor Mateusz Makosiewicz has published an article elaborating the SEO process in a nutshell. He says, “Here are the four steps of the SEO process: 1. Get your technicals right Technical factors can impact your rankings or even prevent your site from appearing on Google’s search result pages. To rank your content, Google needs to: Find and crawl your content – You won’t rank if your content is inaccessible to Google (this may be because of a disallowed Googlebot). Index your content –... [...]

ClickDesigns makes stunning marketing graphics; sale today #ad

ClickDesigns makes logos, e-book covers, web graphics and that’s just the beginning. And you don’t have to be an expert to use it. Now you can create amazing graphics and designs for blogs, websites, sales funnels & site builders in as little as 60 seconds. Use your stunning logos, box shots, covers, reports, digital mockups, product bundles, graphics, and illustrations on demand for your webpages, videos, socials, emails, banners & much more without freelancers, designers, coders, or webmasters. You can create any of these graphics and designs with ClickDesigns with ease.... [...]

The Role of Content in Holiday Marketing

Merkle contributor Jennifer Horner has published an article highlighting the role of content in 2022 holiday preparation. Stating why content is important, she says, “As shoppers are looking for the perfect gifts to give loved ones, your constant and transparent communication could be the deciding factor for their loyalty and purchase. Later in this 2022 holiday planning series, we will discuss creating hybrid holiday shopping experiences to stand out from the competition and your content is the vehicle to communicate this critical information about your experiences, deals and doorbusters,... [...]

Five Steps to Create a Harmonic Marketing Campaign Powered by SEO [Podcast]

Rank Ranger has published a new podcast episode ‘Five Steps to Create a Harmonic Marketing Campaign Powered by SEO’ featuring Joseph Kahn. The Rank Ranger team says, “Is it really possible for other marketing channels to positively impact your SEO efforts? And if so, how? That’s what we’re going to be discussing today with a drummer who plays in a band with Katy Perry’s Grammy Award-winning guitar player. Nowadays, he uses his SEO skills to create harmonic marketing roadmaps, helping his clients scale the heights of Google. He is the founder of the Atlanta-based... [...]

Winning at Retargeting: Tips to Reconnect & Convert [E-book]

Search Engine Journal has published a new e-book ‘Winning at Retargeting: Tips to Reconnect & Convert’. The SEJ team says, “Winning At Retargeting: Tips To Reconnect & Convert, authored by Sean Johnston and Tori Holland, digital advertising experts from Closed Loop, highlights the best practices you need to know to drive the best results for your remarketing and retargeting efforts. You’ll learn a complete framework for successful conversions and find retargeting examples from brands to inspire your own campaigns, too. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to: Understand... [...]

Five Ways to Drive Online Sales

You can maximize your online sales by streamlining the customer journey and optimizing your site’s technical aspects. Search Engine Journal founder Loren Baker has shared five search optimization techniques to help you drive more online sales. He says, “In this article, you’ll find five essential ways you should optimize your ecommerce website for maximum exposure and ROI. Ready to get started? Scroll on. 1. Your Homepage Is Where The Heart Is Your most-trafficked page, it’s often the first thing any visitor to your website will come across. It sets the tone for your business, starts... [...]

Strategies to Improve Your Google Rankings

A mix of quality content and SEO is the key to achieving higher rankings in Google search. Search Engine Journal contributor Chuck Price has shared five proven ways to increase your Google rankings. He says, “If you want to boost sales and conversions by taking your website to the first page of Google, here are five steps you should take. 1. Start With A Sound Foundation Poor website structure and information architecture can doom even the best SEO campaigns. If your website is difficult for users to navigate and Google to crawl, your rankings are likely to suffer. Pay attention to Core... [...]

How to Scale Your Enterprise SEO Program, July 20 [Webinar]

By taking a sophisticated, fine-tuned, and strategic approach, you can seamlessly scale an SEO program on an enterprise level. Search Engine Journal is hosting a webinar ‘How to Scale Your Enterprise SEO Program’ on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, at 2.00 pm ET. The SEJ team says, “Join our webinar to discover how to decode a formula that helps you build a scalable SEO program for success. You’ll learn how to: Assess your competitive landscape. Build a scalable SEO content strategy. Create a framework to prioritize various SEO efforts (content, technical, authority-improvement, and... [...]

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