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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Four Steps for Facebook Post Testing

Facebook post testing lets you test up to four variants of a post against each other to see which one your audience likes most. Social Media Examiner’s Lisa D. Jenkins has shared four steps to help you test Facebook posts. She says, “Here’s how to test organic Facebook video, image, text, and link posts and use what you’ve learned for future content. #1: Test Organic Facebook Video Posts The Facebook Post Testing tool is located in Facebook Creator Studio. It’s from here that all testing takes place, regardless of what kind of post you want to try. To test organic Facebook posts,... [...]

Useful E-commerce SEO Techniques [Video]

E-commerce SEO is the process of making your online store more visible in the search engine results pages. It involves optimizing your headlines, product descriptions, meta data, internal link structure, and navigational structure for search and user experience. Neil Patel has published a new video highlighting four e-commerce SEO techniques for beginners. He says, “Do you want to learn how to drive a thousand E-commerce sales from SEO without being a SEO expert? Well, today I’m going to teach you how. Today I’m going to break down four E-commerce SEO techniques for beginners.” Neil... [...]

Learning Limited for Facebook Ads Guide: Speed Up Your Campaigns! [Video]

Facebook ads are paid messages from businesses that are written in their voice and help reach the people on the Faceboook who matter most to them. Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘Learning Limited for Facebook Ads Guide: Speed Up Your Campaigns!’ featuring Facebook ads expert Tara Zirker. The SME team says, “Do your Facebook ad campaigns get stuck in Facebook’s learning phase? Wondering how to move your campaigns beyond “learning limited”? In this video, learn what Facebook ads Learning Limited is and how to manage it with advice from Facebook ads expert... [...]

Digital Download Underground: Over $3,390 for the letter A? #ad

In Digital Download Underground, James Renouf and Debbie Drum show you how to make items that take seconds to make that have the potential for long-term sales coming from free traffic. Is it really possible that in 5 seconds you can make a thank-you note that produces $14,364 in sales? Renouf and Drum say “yes”. And, again, just to be sure it sinks in, you didn’t notice, Digital Download Underground is showing you a passive income strategy. You get paid over and over again after setting up one time. Sales can be made with literally seconds of work. Besides that, you make these... [...]

Four Steps to Promote Your Flash Sale on Facebook and Instagram

Everyone loves a flash sale. Limited-time offers and short-term sales can be effective ways to help you boost your business revenue. Social Media Examiner’s Stephanie Fisher has published an article highlighting four steps to promote your flash sale on Facebook and Instagram. She says, “Here’s how you can maximize your efforts to drive your campaigns further and make your ad spend work harder. #1: Create a Facebook Event for Your Flash Sale Creating a Facebook event for your flash sale allows you not only to add all of the important details about the event but also create organic... [...]

A Comprehensive Guide to Monetizing Your Blog

Earning money as a blogger is a very realistic option. By adopting the right monetization strategies, you can escalate your blog earnings for sure. AWeber contributor Sean Tinney has published ‘How to Monetize Your Blog: A Comprehensive Guide’ to help you make the most from your blog. He says, “These days, the opportunities for making money online are seemingly endless. One of the most tried-and-true methods for generating an online income, however, is that of monetizing your blog. Whether you’re looking to earn a healthy side income or could see yourself blogging for a living,... [...]

B2B Ecommerce In 2022 And Beyond [Facebook Live Chat]

BigCommerce hosted a Facebook Live chat about ‘B2B eCommerce in 2022 and beyond’ featuring Jeff Bullas, Shane Barker, Jill Salzman, and Heather Lopez. This panel of ecommerce, business, and marketing experts discuss the future of B2B. You can watch the recorded chat on Facebook. B2B Ecommerce In 2022 And Beyond  [...]

Advanced Guide to Link Building [Guide]

The number and quality of your site’s inbound links are major factors in how Google ranks web pages. By getting quality links to your website, you can improve your SEO traffic. Brian Harnish of has published an ‘Advanced Guide to Link Building’. He says, “Advanced link building includes tasks that are a little harder than intermediate level, but may be easier to scale, and that achieve links that are second to none on the value list. These tasks may require additional skills to complete. They range from things like instructographics to guestographics, creating... [...]

Useful Proofreading and Editing Tips

To produce quality content, you need to learn how to proofread and edit it. By removing grammatical errors and making your content easy to follow, you can make it more reader-friendly. Content Marketing Institute’s Ann Gynn has shared some useful content proofreading and editing tips. She says, “With your editor’s hat on, follow this five-step process: Make sure you understand the overall purpose of the piece of content for the audience and  the brand before you read the first word. TIP: Require content creators to write one or two sentences at the top of the content to explain... [...]

WordPress SEO Guide: Everything You Need to Know [Guide]

Search Engine Journal has published a new guide ‘WordPress SEO Guide: Everything You Need to Know’ to help you effectively manage your WordPress site SEO. The SEJ team says, “What You’ll Learn in This WordPress SEO Guide What you need to know when launching a WordPress site. Key considerations before, during, and after publishing your site. How to build a WordPress site in 24 hours. A step-by-step tutorial on how to get your site up and running with little to no development time required. SEO tips to improve your WordPress site and avoid duplicate content issues. Tactics... [...]

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