To produce quality content, you need to learn how to proofread and edit it. By removing grammatical errors and making your content easy to follow, you can make it more reader-friendly.

Content Marketing Institute’s Ann Gynn has shared some useful content proofreading and editing tips.

She says, “With your editor’s hat on, follow this five-step process:

  1. Make sure you understand the overall purpose of the piece of content for the audience and  the brand before you read the first word.

TIP: Require content creators to write one or two sentences at the top of the content to explain to the editor who the intended audience is and why the content was created.

  1. Read through the content as a reader would – hands off the keyboard except to scroll. (If reviewing in print form, keep the pen out of your hands.)
  1. Go through the content again as an editor. Put your hands on the keyboard (or pen in hand) and note where the content doesn’t work well and why”.

The Best Proofreading and Editing Tips

Content Marketing Institute

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