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Thursday, May 23, 2024

‘Using Social Media Monitoring as an Inbound Marketing Channel – Whiteboard Friday’ – ‘SEOmoz’ Blog

The latest ‘SEOmoz’ blog post is titled “Using Social Media Monitoring as an Inbound Marketing Channel – Whiteboard Friday”. Kenny Martin says, “In this week’s special end of the year Whiteboard Friday, Rand shows us how to attract customers and accelerate our marketing efforts by using social media monitoring. Learning how to effectively build up relationships without spamming will be the key to your success in the social realm. We hope you had a wonderful 2011 and don’t forget to leave your comments below”. Using Social Media Monitoring as... [...]

‘Top 10 ReadWriteWeb Quotes of 2011’ – ‘ReadWriteWeb’

The latest post on ‘ReadWriteWeb’ is titled “Top 10 ReadWriteWeb Quotes of 2011”. Scott M. Fulton, III says, “An intern once asked me, what’s the difference between a “journalist” of my day and a “blogger” of his? I laughed and told him my day ain’t over yet. Then I followed up by saying that journalism is something I do on a blog, and there are many other things one can do on a blog, only a few of which I’ll allow. The thing journalists still do today is extract and present the viewpoints of people who matter more to the... [...]

‘If HTML5 Kills the Blog Format, I Won’t Shed a Tear’ – ‘ReadWriteWeb’

The latest post on ‘ReadWriteWeb’ is titled “If HTML5 Kills the Blog Format, I Won’t Shed a Tear”. Scott M. Fulton, III says, “At the end of this discourse, to borrow a phrase from my hero, Edward R. Murrow, a few people may accuse this reporter of fouling his own comfortable nest. But if you’ve seen this nest recently, you know that if it was fouled to any considerable degree, it might not look all that different anyway. At one of Microsoft’s sessions on HTML5 and CSS3 a few weeks ago, the lead program manager for Internet Explorer 10, John Hrvatin”. If... [...]

‘11 Most-Tweeted Posts of 2011’ – ‘MarketingExperiments’ Blog

The latest ‘MarketingExperiments’ blog post is titled “11 Most-Tweeted Posts of 2011: Social media marketing, copywriting, email testing and more …”. Paul Cheney says, “In 2011, this blog produced 140 blog posts. Hopefully, you found some of those blog posts helpful in your day-to-day marketing work. If you did not, let us know in the comments and we’ll write 140 better ones next year. Of course, as a marketer, you’re probably one of the busiest people alive and you probably missed a few, if not the majority of, posts this year”. 11 Most-Tweeted Posts of 2011:... [...]

‘The Importance Of Taking Time To Relax’ – ‘Entrepreneurs-Journey’ Blog

The latest ‘Entrepreneurs-Journey’ blog post is titled “The Importance Of Taking Time To Relax”. Dr Mani Sivasubramanian says, “You know the one. With the attractive pictures. Of you (or me) sipping a pina colada, resting on the beach, while cash pours into our bank accounts because we run an auto-pilot home business on the Internet. We’ve all realized it isn’t as rosy a dream to live through”. The Importance Of Taking Time To Relax Yaro Starak’s ‘Entrepreneurs-Journey’ Blog  [...]

‘Scripting SEO: 5 Panda-Fighting Tricks for Large Sites’ – ‘SEOmoz’ Blog

The latest ‘SEOmoz’ blog post is titled “Scripting SEO: 5 Panda-Fighting Tricks for Large Sites”. Corey Northcutt says, “For anyone that’s experience the joys of doing SEO on an exceedingly large site, you know that keeping your content in check isn’t easy. Continued iterations of the Panda algorithm have made this fact brutally obvious for anyone that’s responsible for more than a few hundred thousand pages”. Scripting SEO: 5 Panda-Fighting Tricks for Large Sites SEOmoz  [...]

HubSpot Releases ‘An Introduction to Lead Nurturing’ eBook

HubSpot has released a free ebook entitled “An Introduction to Lead Nurturing”. The HubSpot team says, “50% of leads are qualified but not ready to buy. So if you are not nurturing them, you are simply burning money. Lead nurturing is all about understanding the nuances of your leads’ timing and needs. It enables marketers to establish contact fast and stay top of mind for prospects. Learn how to leverage lead nurturing to increase high-quality conversions and reduce your cost of customer acquisition. Download our 87-page ebook, which will walk you through the basics of... [...]

‘Results, Not Resolutions for 2012’ – ‘The Martini Advantage’ Newsletter

Sandra Martini has released the latest issue of ‘The Martini Advantage’ Newsletter. The featured article is titled “Results, Not Resolutions for 2012”. ‘The Martini Advantage’ Newsletter Contents Note from Sandy Results, Not Resolutions for 2012 Countdown to 2012: 12 Days of Celebration Client Events. ‘The Martini Advantage’ Newsletter  [...]

‘Best of Wordtracker 2011’ – ‘Wordtracker’ Blog

Mark Nunney’s latest post on ‘Wordtracker’ blog is titled “Best of Wordtracker 2011”. Nunney says, “”Use the following best articles (and videos) of 2011 to save time and money on SEO in 2012. You’ll learn about both the established basics of SEO like choosing the right target keywords, quality content and link building; and the visitor behavior-centered SEO of the future”. Best of Wordtracker 2011 Wordtracker  [...]

‘Counting to 10 the Google Way’ – ‘SEOmoz’ Blog

The latest ‘SEOmoz’ blog post is titled “Counting to 10 the Google Way”. Dr. Pete says, “Just when you thought you could count to 10, along came Google. I explore the new math of modern SERPs, and what it means for your SEO efforts”. Counting to 10 the Google Way SEOmoz  [...]

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