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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
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Archive for the ‘ YouTube Advertising ’ Category

YouTube may raise ad prices soon

According to a Business Insider report, YouTube may raise the prices it charges advertisers on “reserved” inventory. The site has reported that this change is the result of brand safety issues YouTube faced recently. Mike Shields says, “The web-video outlet is telling advertisers that prices for some of its top US channels could increase by nearly […]

IM Video Ads: Kevin Fahey says they can offer $0.001 per lead #ad

If you want to build you audience for pennies, Kevin Fahey is offering training in how to become an effective advertiser on YouTube and Facebook. Fahey says he and his students have bought 1,000 Views For $1.00. And in this new training, he wants to show you how he did it. Ads creating traffic for […]

YouTube Announces New Content Guidelines + ‘New Creator Academy’ course

YouTube has announced detailed guidelines for the content that is eligible for ads. The video network has taken tough steps against hateful content, inappropriate use of family entertainment characters and incendiary and demanding content. To help content developers come out with right video content, the company has launched New Creator Academy course. Ariel Bardin says, “Keep […]

Create YouTube Bumper Ads with These Econsultancy Tips

According to a recent Google report, 70% advertisers said that YouTube bumper ads helped them increase their brand awareness. It means that creating creative bumper ads can help marketers to gain better momentum on YouTube. Econsultancy’s Nikki Gilliland has shared useful tips on creating effective bumper ads. Gilliland says, “Instead of saying everything in 30 […]

YouTube Pauses Search Ads in Videos

Marketing Land’s Ginny Marving has posted an article on how YouTube has quietly paused search ads to implement brand safety measures. This action comes into effect after YouTube’s decision to implement additional brand safety measures after some US and UK advertisers pulled campaigns due to reports by The Times of ads appearing on extremist and objectionable content. Marvin says, “This change only affects […]

‘YouTube cuts off adverts for channels with under 10,000 views’ – The Telegraph

Cara McGoogan says, “YouTube is cracking down on users that post extremist and pirated videos by cutting off adverts for accounts with under 10,000 viewers. The Google-owned video website will block advertising from appearing on channels that have not reached the threshold, in an attempt to stop people profiting from stolen and inappropriate content. It comes after major […]

‘YouTube Ads for Beginners: How to Launch & Optimize a YouTube Video Advertising Campaign’ – HubSpot

Sophia Bernazzani says, “Before the internet was more widely available, your business may have relied on printed directories, such as the Yellow Pages, to be found and discovered by new customers. The greatest likelihood someone would call you over your competitors was if you paid for larger print ad placements, or if your brand’s name started with […]

VideoX launches at 11 AM; YouTube marketing upended #ad

Over the last few days we have told you about the training videos (case studies of successful YouTube ads). These case studies were produced by Neil Napier and Justin Sardi. Yesterday afternoon, they released their third case study here: Video Introduction to YouTube Advertising. This one is about eCommerce, to show you how they revived […]

Traffic and lead Generation are the heart of online sales #ad

Neil Napier and Justin Sardi have released their second training video on using YouTube ads to build your traffic and conversions for your online business. This new video shows you a step-by-step method to increase your traffic to your site by using re-targeting. With YouTube retargeting ads, they have found that they now can spend […]

Using YouTube ads to build your business #ad

Friday, Neil Napier and his business partner, Justin Sardi have a product launch coming up. It’s called Video X. There’s not much known about the product yet, but it relates to placing ads on YouTube for low-cost clicks to your sales page. As often happens in product launches, they are providing free training this week […]