Thursday, August 21, 2014
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‘B2B Content Marketing—It’s Not Just Lead Gen’ eMarketer Webinar September 4

This is a reminder for the eMarketer’s B2B Content Marketing Ad webinar on September 4. eMarketer team says, “We’ll address these key questions: Are B2B marketers too focused on leads? How can marketers achieve soft goals like branding—and measure success? Are intangibles as much a part of sales conversions as lead generation? Will... [Read more]

‘6 Social Media Analytics to Track’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

Allison Howen says, “Brands around the world are putting valuable resources, including time and money, into their social media initiatives every single day. To make sure that these resources are not being wasted on the social Web, it is important for marketers to pay close attention to the performance of their social media campaigns. Fortunately,... [Read more]

‘Lead Generation: How one company increased leads 96% by changing the presentation of incentive content’ – ‘MarketingExperiments’ Blog

Selena Blue says, “A common way to gain lead information is by offering free content, such as a white paper or guide. But if it’s free, why don’t we have 100% lead capture rates? Why do prospects provide their information for one PDF guide, but not for another? The answer may not be in the incentive itself, but rather in how you’re presenting... [Read more]

17 Email Income Hacks: get your email marketing working again #ad

Matt Bacak does email marketing, a lot of it. He sends many millions of emails every year, up to a million per day. He has learned a lot about what works to get a higher response from marketing emails. Over a period of many years, he has honed his email process to bring in a big response every time he mails. Now, in his new training, 17 Email Income... [Read more]

‘Mobile Is Rising Star Of The E-Commerce Show’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Greg Sterling says, “An increasing percentage of shopping starts on a smartphone but later concludes on another device or offline. Yet despite this and its smaller-screen challenges, mobile commerce is far outpacing the rest of US retail and e-commerce in terms of growth. According to recent figures from comScore, m-commerce grew 47 percent... [Read more]

‘Google Webmaster Tools Just Got a Lot More Important for Link Discovery and Cleanup’ – MOZ Blog

Robert Fisher says, “What if you owned a paid directory site and every day you received emails upon emails stating that someone wants links removed. As they stacked up in your inbox, whether they were pleasant or they were sternly demanding you cease and desist, would you just want to give up? What would you do to stop the barrage of emails if you... [Read more]

‘Beyond Millennials: How to Reach Generation Z’ – ‘Mashable’

Sylvan Lane says, “Millennials are so last year. As the generation that inspired countless thinkpieces eases out of the public eye, marketers are honing in on the next wave of consumers: Generation Z. These folks, born in 1995 or later, make up 25.9% of the United States’ population, contribute $44 billion to the American economy and differ... [Read more]

Infographics Presence: Your tool for easy infographics #ad

Infographics are all the rage in marketing today. These colorful graphics convey information in a more attention-grabbing way than plain text ever can. You can pay a freelance artist to create an infographic for you, but due to the complexity of infographics, a lot of back-and-forth communication will be needed to end up with a result you feel good... [Read more]

‘Announcing the All-New Beginner’s Guide to Link Building’ – MOZ Blog

Trevor Klein says, “It is my great pleasure to announce the release of Moz’s third guide for marketers, written by the inimitable  Paddy Moogan of Distilled: We could tell you all about how high-quality, authoritative links pointing to your site benefit your standing in the SERPs, but instead we’ll just copy the words straight from... [Read more]

‘4 Simple Steps to Writing a Blog Post That Floods Your Inbox with Inquiries’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

Henneke says, “Are your blog posts helping you win clients? Blogging helps boost your authority, drive relevant traffic, and generate leads. But are your blog posts working for your business? Although business blogging is a longterm strategy, you can employ a few smart tactics to one single post in order to generate meaningful leads. Not just... [Read more]

‘How to Use Inbound Marketing for Product Launches’ – HubSpot

Laura Hogan says, “Inbound marketing is a well-known practice to use to help grow your business, but it’s more interesting when you can use it for something more tactical– specifically when you get to use it to launch a product. I could lead you into a generic blog post with generic step-by-step instructions on how you might launch... [Read more]

‘Loah Qwality Add Werds Clix Four U’ – ‘SEO Book’ Blog

Aaron Wall says, “Google recently announced they were doing away with exact match AdWords ad targeting this September. They will force all match types to have close variant keyword matching enabled. This means you get misspelled searches, plural versus singular overlap, and an undoing of your tight organization. In some cases the user intent is... [Read more]