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Friday, March 6, 2015
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Latest News

New 64-bit Firefox may be coming

Back in the 1960s, when I became a computer programmer, I recall an engineering manager commenting that the software is always at least a year behind the hardware. To a degree, that’s got to be true. If there is new hardware, with new capabilities, a programmer needs to have that hardware in hand before writing code to take advantage of it. Otherwise... [Read more]

‘How to Manage a High Performing Sales Team’ – HubSpot

Norman Behar says, “While there is a lot of emphasis placed on sales coaching and leadership, the most fundamental skill that a sales manager needs to develop is often overlooked. What is it? The ability to manage sales performance. Many organizations take it for granted that their managers know how to effectively manage performance. Unfortunately,... [Read more]

‘How Often Should You Post on Social Media? Benchmarks for 9 Different Industries’ – HubSpot

Maggie Hibma says, “How often should you post to your social media accounts? For many marketers, this question is tough. Here’s why: Social media is a very flexible and fluid part of your marketing strategy. It’s not easy to draw the line between how much you could be posting and how much you should be posting. That’s why we created... [Read more]

‘How to use LinkedIn’s publishing tool to increase your social reach’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Matt Owen says, “LinkedIn has made a lot of improvements and changes to its functionality recently, not least to the ‘Publish’ function.  For those who missed it, last year LinkedIn rolled out the ability to publish blog posts directly on the platform. It was a smart move, allowing the platform to crowdsource a deluge of user-created content,... [Read more]

A directory site may be your ticket to online success #ad

The Yellow Pages ruled the advertising world for 100 years. It was the most widely distributed business directory in the world. Any business wanted to have its name in the Yellow Pages. But times change, and now the important business directories are the ones online, not the printed books that become obsolete in a year. Online directories have several... [Read more]

‘Instagram ‘carousel ads’ let you swipe left to learn more’ – ‘Mashable’

Todd Wasserman says, “Instagram broadened its options for advertisers on Wednesday with a new type of ad unit that lets readers swipe left to learn more about the brand or product. Called carousel ads, the product was developed after marketers clamored for a way to “tell sequenced stories in beautiful, compelling ways that lead to meaningful... [Read more]

‘Why Interactive Content May Be the Most Exciting Marketing Tactic of 2015′ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

Scott Brinker says, “I’m looking forward to speaking at the Authority Rainmaker conference this May in Denver, Colorado. As a longtime Copyblogger fan, it’s a great privilege, and I can’t wait to meet many of you. The title of my talk will be: How to Design Interactive Content — Moving Beyond Button Clicks and Form Fills. Which begs the... [Read more]

‘The Most Important Link Penalty Removal Tool: Your Mindset’ – MOZ Blog

Eric Enge says, “Let’s face it. Getting slapped by a manual link penalty, or by the Penguin algorithm, really stinks. Once this has happened to you, your business is in a world of hurt. Worse still is the fact that you can’t get clear information from Google on which of your links are the bad ones. In today’s post, I am going... [Read more]

Amazon Physical Product Sales: successful affiliate shows how #ad

If you want to get into affiliate marketing, Amazon makes it easy. By giving you a lot of support. With their hundreds of thousands of products, you could build a wide range of niche product sites without ever advertising the same product twice. There’s potential profit for Amazon affiliates, but what do you have to do get a share of that profit? That’s... [Read more]

‘11 examples of marketing campaigns starring YouTubers’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

David Moth says, “To people of my age, the idea of someone being famous for having a YouTube channel is faintly ridiculous. And the fact that some of them have gained millions of fans and earned millions of dollars just by posting videos of themselves playing computer games… well, it makes me very sad. But though I can’t personally fathom... [Read more]

‘Facebook wants to bring free web access to 100 countries by end of year’ – ‘Mashable’

Samantha Murphy Kelly says, “Facebook told a few members of the press this week that its initiative, which aims get more of the world’s population online, is on track for an aggressive expansion. Chris Daniels, VP of at Facebook, said the company plans to expand into 100 countries by the end of the year. The program... [Read more]

‘How Boots can improve its customer journey from search to checkout’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Graham Charlton says, “How would you like to receive a free personalised copy of the Adobe 2015 Digital Marketing Survey? The report, which Econsultancy has helped to produce, reveals which optimization tactics savvy marketers will use in the next 12 months and gives tailored recommendations on how to build your own winning strategy. In order to... [Read more]