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Monday, October 20, 2014
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Latest News

‘Converting Website Visitors to Sales Opportunities’ Website Magazine Webinar October 23

The WM team says, “In today’s digital age, attracting buyers and driving traffic to your site is only half of the battle. It is crucial for today’s modern marketers to educate and nurture each visitor into opportunities for sales. But how can marketers effectively achieve this, when there is no way to identify who the visitors are or how to... [Read more]

‘How to Create Killer Email Conversion Copy’ Business 2 Community Webinar November 20

The ‘Business 2 Community’ team says, “Do you write plain-as-vanilla boring copy? You know you do if…..your email list barely responds, or doesn’t buy. This webinar will teach you, and everyone in your company, how to write better emails. But most of all, how to convert your subscribers into paying customers. Key Takeaways By the end... [Read more]

‘Local SEO: Ranking Your Website For Multiple Locations’ – ‘Business 2 Community’ Article

Dan Virgillito says, “It’s becoming the drill for local businesses: another day, another marketing effort to connect with your audience. You churn out social media update after social media update, blog post after blog post – trying to attract customers and prospects who go online in any way possible. But your efforts continue to bring mere results. Granted,... [Read more]

‘The Disconnect Between Marketers and IT Buyers’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Ayaz Nanji says, “Technology marketers are increasingly focused on one-sided content tactics even though IT buyers remain heavily dependent on community-driven information to make purchasing decisions, according to a recent report from Spiceworks. The report was based on data from a survey of 136 tech marketers and 450 IT buyers from a range... [Read more]

‘Is Facebook The New YouTube For Brands? More Marketers Opting Out Of Google’s Video Platform’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Amy Gesenhues says, “Social media analytics provider Socialbakers claims Facebook is quickly becoming the new YouTube for brands. According to a recent study by the social media analytics provider, more and more brands are bypassing YouTube to upload their video content directly to Facebook. After analyzing 180,000 Facebook video posts from 20,000... [Read more]

‘Link-Building Software: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility’ – ‘Affilorama’ Blog

Adam Hansen says, “Link-building software is amazingly powerful when it comes to automating and streamlining your SEO campaigns. But use it incorrectly or irresponsibly, and your site will drop from the rankings faster than the Titanic post-North Atlantic iceberg. These programs can literally build tens of thousands of links in a week. But having... [Read more]

‘Introducing the Speaker Faculty for Affiliate Summit West 2015’ by Shawn Collins

Collins Says, “The speaker faculty for Affiliate Summit West 2015, taking place January 18-20, 2015 at Paris Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV, has been finalized. The keynote speakers will be Chad Hymas, President of Chad Hymas Communications, Inc., andNoah Kagan, Founder of AppSumo. Jon Levine, Director of eCommerce of All Inclusive Marketing, will be... [Read more]

‘The Case For Optimising Customer Analytics – Improve or Perish’ – Forrester

Michael Barnes says, “As I wrote in my recently published report, customer insights (CI) are an increasingly critical source of competitive differentiation in the age of the customer. Forward-thinking business and technology management leaders in Asia Pacific (AP) are actively looking to better leverage customer data and advanced analytics to... [Read more]

‘Facebook Isn’t Dead: 10 Reasons to Keep Using It for Your Business’ – HubSpot

YEC team says, “With its falling organic reach, using Facebook for business might seem like a dying proposition. However, there may still be benefits to engaging in this particular socialchannel. To learn more, we asked 10 founders from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) why they weren’t yet ready to leave Facebook for business behind. Here’s... [Read more]

‘The SME content creation toolkit for images, video and text’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Ben Davis says, “I’ve kept this list simple and it’s a fairly accurate idea of what I use day-to-day. I didn’t use any of these tools when I started working on the Econsultancy blog. I’m still not an advanced content creator but I do have some small tricks up my sleeve. Take a look at this list of tools to aid you in your... [Read more]

‘What’s Really the Difference Between Facebook Pages, Groups and Profiles?’ – ‘Mashable’

Kyli Singh says, “With several overlapping features, Facebook‘s Pages, groups and profiles leave many users confused. Together, these three functions help us stay connected, but each has its own purpose and works for different types of content. Whether you want to stay in touch with friends, promote your brand or meet others with the same hobbies,... [Read more]

‘How To Use Email Effectively’ by John Chow

Chow says, “As you are getting your feet wet in SEO and PPC marketing, you are obviously on the ball with what is working for companies right now.  On the other hand, you may have forgotten completely about email.  Email is NOT going the way of postal service.  On the other hand, I have met more people that are millionaires because they can run... [Read more]