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Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Latest News

How to Get More Traffic To Your Website in 2019 [Video]

More website traffic means more prospects that may turn into customers. This way, continuous traffic generation an important criteria that you need to fulfil for achieving success in your business. The Ahrefs team has published a new video sharing some useful techniques to improve your website traffic in 2019. Ahrefs team says, “Learn... [Read more]

Guide to Achieve Long-Term SEO Success with User Intent

The term user intent refers to the the process of identifying what users want when they type their queries in the search engines. Understanding the user intent helps you improve conversion rate. Sistrix columnist Johannes Beus has shared a comprehensive guide to understand and use user intent for achieving long-term SEO success. This guide... [Read more]

Customer Data Metrics That Matter

Your business success depends on the customer acquisition and retention. And in this process right utilization of the customer data plays an important role. ClickZ contributor Tiffany Delmore has shared six important customer data metrics that you should care foe. Delmore says, “Whether you consider yourself a customer whisperer or not,... [Read more]

Why Marketers Need to Understand Personal Data [Podcast]

Proper analysis of the customer data is an important element that helps you boost your business. ClickZ team has published a podcast on ‘Why marketers need to understand personal data, the opportunities and risks’. The ClickZ team says, “Have you heard of the personal information economy? In this ClickZ Podcast episode,... [Read more]

Guide to Creating Snapchat Ads

Advertising on social media networks is quite rewarding as the number of social media users are growing constantly. The social network Snapchat has a huge network in the US. According to ClickZ, more than 90% of US young adults in the age groups of 12-24 use Snapchat. ClickZ contributor Tereza Litsa has shared a useful guide to help marketers create... [Read more]

Need an easy way to make video presentations? #ad

You may have heard of Prezi. Prezi lets you create presentations online, using the built-in transitions, fonts, etc. It’s used by lots of people. They have a free version and several upgrades for various monthly fees. Jason Oickle saw the value that Prezi offers smaller businesses, as well as some medium-sized businesses. But he also saw a problem:... [Read more]

Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns with These A/B Testing Tips

Email marketing is one of the essential part of any agency’s promotional strategy. The A/B testing helps you improve your email subscriber engagement which could results into better email marketing results. ClickZ contributor Keving George has shared eight A/B testing elements for email marketing campaigns. George says, “Top 8 A/B... [Read more]

HubSpot Lists Best A/B Testing Tools for 2019

HubSpot columnist Cifford Chi has shared a list covering seven of the best A/B Testing tools for 2019. Chi says, “We’ve curated seven of the best A/B testing tools for 2019 that’ll help you optimize your website design, copy, product, and, most importantly, help you find the answers to your own specific situation. 1. VWO Trusted... [Read more]

‘The Definitive Approach to Advanced Media Measurement’ Webinar February 27

AdWeek is hosting a webinar on ‘The Definitive Approach to Advanced Media Measurement’ on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 1.00 pm ET. The AdWeek team says, “Nearly three-quarters of marketers say that measurement commands most of their time. That leaves little time for getting to know customers, their pain points and how to overcome them.... [Read more]

7 Inspiring B2B Marketing Campaigns [eBook]

Salesforce has released a free ebook titled ‘7 Inspiring B2B Marketing Campaigns’ to help marketers learn how they can create effective b2b marketing campaigns. The Salesforce team says, “Creating campaigns that capture your prospects’ imaginations requires innovation — and a little bit of inspiration, too! From microsites... [Read more]