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Monday, May 25, 2015
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Latest News

‘7 Tips For Launching A Video Marketing Strategy’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Michael Litt says, “If my last post, “Video Is A Marketer’s Best Friend,” did its job, you’ve already decided that your organization must start using video to engage your audiences. It helps generate new leads and qualify and nurture the ones you have. And it’s measurable, so you know whether it’s working. But how do you get started?... [Read more]

‘Small Business Apps Guaranteed to Make Your Life Easier’ – ‘’ Blog

Marc Prosser says, “Paper trails and clunky excel spreadsheets are quickly becoming obsolete as businesses continue to recognize the value in using small business software and applications to manage your business. For business owners that travel a lot or often work away from a central office, mobile apps can be a great option. Here are five great... [Read more]

‘The 4 Essentials of the Most Read Content’ – ‘Entrepreneur’ Blog

Peter Gasca says, “The other day, I had the opportunity to review a piece of blog content for a friend’s website. It was great, full of insights and useful resources, and I personally found it valuable and relevant. The problem was that the content was difficult to read. With an estimated 3 million new blog posts every day, there is no... [Read more]

Audience Drill: More sales from your Facebook ads #ad

When done right, Facebook advertizing can be quite profitable. But it requires you to promote a good offer and to target the right audience. Unfortunately,many people find that (1) it’s hard to figure out what is going to sell and (2) what the best audience for it is. That’s why Sam Bakker and his partner, Brad Stephens have spent the last... [Read more]

‘How to Create a Writing Style Guide Built for the Web’ – HubSpot

Corey Eridon says, “Businesses pump out content at a staggering rate these days — and as that volume increases, more inconsistencies are bound to creep in. Whether due to lack of clarity about the style in which you’d like to write or disjointed communication across the multitude of content creators in your organization, failure... [Read more]

‘Creating Content with Integrity: Key Takeaways from Authority Rainmaker’ – Aweber Blog

Monica Montesa says, “Card tricks. Stage slides. Some of the most brilliant minds in Content Marketing. Henry Rollins. Copyblogger hosted an awesome conference in Denver, Colorado last week, and I’m stillprocessing the exciting two-day experience (and also slowly recovering from the shaky flight home). It would be an understatement to say that... [Read more]

‘The Video Marketing Funnel: Proof it Works and 5 Easy Steps to Follow’ – ‘Affilorama’ Blog

Gina Broom says, “Everywhere you look right now you can see the virtual cries that “THIS IS THE YEAR OF VIDEO MARKETING!” In fact, as I browsed the internet, researching this topic, I saw that claim absolutely everywhere. The video phenomenon is a huge hype all over the internet, and it’s intimidating. Many marketers think of video... [Read more]

Click Press builds click-throughs for your ads #ad

“Clutter” is the enemy of online marketers. (It’s true of TV marketers, to. In the US, the norm seems to be 3 minutes of ads every 10 minutes. Your ad is lost amid the clutter.) The result of clutter online is that people develop what’s called “banner blindness.” They don’t notice banner ads in many cases.... [Read more]

‘Why $11 billion Pinterest thinks it has the ‘best kind of business model” – Business Insider

Jillian D’onfro says, “Pinterest just announced a whole new suite of updates and improvementsto its advertising product, Promoted Pins, that it plans to roll out this summer. Among the new offerings are “cinematic pins” which are videos that only move when the user scrolls, different ways for advertisers to target users (like... [Read more]

‘Why Data-Driven Marketing Might Be a Bad Idea’ by Jay Baer

Baer says, “Is big data the reason that runs per game are at decades-long lows in baseball? And why your marketing strategy is failing? Like Brad Pitt’s character in Moneyball, programmatic media professionals create rich data sets to drive decision-making. Marketers use these data sets to ensure they reach the right people at the right time... [Read more]

‘Avoid these 7 deadly sins of digital marketing’ – ‘Mashable’

Nick Annetts says, “Having started my digital career back in the bubble years of the late 1990s, I have seen, and sometimes been involved in, some pretty serious work-related digital sinnery. As the saying goes “we live and learn,” and given the pace of digital change, we have to learn very quickly. However, here we are in 2015, and... [Read more]

‘Why Good Unique Content Needs to Die – Whiteboard Friday’ – MOZ Blog

MOZ team says, “We all know by now that not just any old content is going to help us rank in competitive SERPs. We often hear people talking about how it takes “good, unique content.” That’s the wrong bar. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand talks about where we should be aiming, and how to get there“. Why Good Unique... [Read more]