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Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
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Latest News

Bing launches Clarity – new analytics tool

Bing has announced the launch of Clarity, a new analytics tool aimed at helping users visualize user interactions for offering better user experience. Clarity will allow them to optimize conversion, engagement and retention. Clarity will help the users in detecting the malware on Bing and improving engagement. On how Clarity can help you improve your... [Read more]

AMP releases new official plugin for WordPress

Alberto Medina, AMP and WordPress Developer Advocate at Google has announced the launch of official AMP plugin for WordPress. This AMP WordPress plugin provides essential tools and functionality for AMP content creation to the WordPress users. In future this plugin will help bloggers to offer a seamless AMP experience to their visitors. Talking about... [Read more]

What will happen to ‘voice’ in 2019?

“Hey Siri,” “Alexa!” and “Okay, Google” which were once some kind of amazement, have become a part of several people’s lives today.  The voice technology has changed the way we access information today. A HubSpot report has analyzed the present use of voice search and has tried to put together some statistics... [Read more]

ViraLightning: Groundbreaking Cloud-based Viral Software #ad

Viral marketing is the long-sought goal of online marketers, where new buyers visit your offer without the marketer having to continue to pump money into ads. ViraLightning softrware, developed by Bryan Winters, can turn a simple affiliate marketing campaign into a viral campaign that spreads due to the excitement of the buyers and potential buyers. The... [Read more]

HubSpot shares 13 email newsletter templates and resources for 2019

Innovation and creativity are two elements that can help you make your marketing more engaging and rewarding. When it comes to email marketing what you need is well-designed template and a unique offer. To help you with these two elements, HubSpot columnist Lindsay Kolowich has shared 13 email newsletter templates that you can download. Kolowich says,... [Read more]

MOZ video reveals three lessons from John Mueller

MOZ columnist Will Critchlow has published a video of an interview with John Mueller at SearchLove London. In this video Muller has shared some useful tips on domain authority. Critchlow  says, “When you’ve got one of Google’s most helpful and empathetic voices willing to answer your most pressing SEO questions, what do you ask?... [Read more]

Five ways Google is influencing businesses

“Google is becoming the new homepage for local businesses” – is one of the statements a new MOZ survey has revealed. With the expansion of Internet connected mobile phones it has become easier than ever to reach thousands of people easily. MOZ contributor Miriam Ellis has shared the findings from a survey on how Google has impacted... [Read more]

Find out how the progressive web apps are making a difference

Today most ecommerce transactions are taking place on the mobile apps. The smartphones have expanded the e-commerce business domain significantly. Along with the mobile apps, the progressive web apps (PWAs) are also in great use. Progressive web apps mobile apps that are delivered through web. Many brands have succeeded in getting greater outputs... [Read more]

Have you noticed these influencer marketing trends?

As we know it well, the influencer marketing techniques focuses on utilizing the power of influential people who have a significant following on social media. Influencer marketing allows us to cope with the budgetary issues and enhance sales. With an aim of keeping the marketers abreast of what is happening in the influencer marketing domain, Entrepreneur... [Read more]

Give Your Audience What They Want on Social Media Before Pushing Your Agenda [Video]

Social media has allowed us to easily reach out a large audience in a short span. The platforms like Facebook, Instagran and Snapchat have been playing a key role in building the bridges between the brands and the consumers. But the most successful brands communicate well. Passing on the right message at the right time is something that can give an... [Read more]