Friday, September 19, 2014
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‘Can you beat last year’s winners of The Digitals?’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Christopher Ratcliff says, “Entries for The Digitals 2014 continue to roll-in as the deadline looms ever closer. The best submissions feature inspiring and innovative case studies from the digital world. It’s not too late to enter though. You have until 24 September 2014 for your chance to showcase your team’s finest work to the global digital... [Read more]

‘Facebook Tweaks News Feed to Surface Fresher Content’ – ‘Mashable’

Todd Wasserman says, “A new tweak to Facebook’s News Feed aims to address the common problem of seeing days-old posts on the platform. In a blog post published Thursday, company software engineers Erich Owens and David Vickrey acknowledged that the News Feed often isn’t as fresh as it could be: Our goal with News Feed is to show everyone... [Read more]

‘The State of Inbound: Sales Edition’ – HubSpot

Corey Eridon says, “If you know HubSpot primarily for its marketing software and content, you probably already know that we’ve recently released our sixth annual State of Inbound Marketing report. You might also know that this year, we dropped “Marketing” from the title, and have rebranded it simply The State of Inbound. Why? Because... [Read more]

‘Reaching and Engaging Always-On Business Buyers’ eMarketer Webinar October 2

eMarketer team says, “The webinar will address these key questions: How are business buyers using their smartphones and tablets to help inform their purchase decisions along the purchase path? How are B2B marketers factoring mobile into their budgets, strategies and tactics? In what ways are B2B marketers integrating mobile at each phase of the... [Read more]

‘Search Marketing: How a simple copy change increased conversion 21%’ – ‘MarketingExperiments’ Blog

John Tackett says, “Serving customers effectively starts with intelligence. It’s not the kind of intelligence needed to solve Sudoku puzzles or carry home a victory on trivia night, but rather it’s what you really know about your customers: What keeps them up at night? How could your product or service transform their careers? How could what... [Read more]

‘How to Actually Be Productive While Working From Home’ – HubSpot

Erik Devaney says, “Working from home is awesome … right up until the cat throws up on your computer. And your neighbor — who you can only assume is building a time machine — starts firing up all sorts of power tools and noisy machinery across the street. For many modern marketers (myself included), working from home every... [Read more]

‘Personalization Marketing: 630% ROI for Portland Trail Blazers via dynamic ticket pricing’ – MarketingSherpa Case Study

Erin Hogg says, “Up until October 2013, the Portland Trail Blazers’ online ticketing process was anything but trail blazing. The NBA team had several disjointed and outdated sites, none of which were under the platform. Beyond just a site facelift, the marketing team wanted to provide an intuitive and extremely personalized experience... [Read more]

‘Outdated SEO Concepts People Still Think are Reality’ – MOZ Blog

Kate Morris says, “It’s on the internet, so it’s true. The bane of the existence of all search marketers is old or incorrect information given to clients at any point in time that they still hang on to. This post was inspired by an interaction with a client’s co-workers, people that are not thinking about SEO on a regular basis.... [Read more]

‘A mini-guide to evaluating new digital marketing tools’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Jo Hill says, “Last week, as the world’s media dissected the details of the Apple Watch and iPhone 6, I spent an inspiring day mentoring at Seedcamp Week London, where some of Europe’s most promising new startups are immersed into the Seedcamp system of networks, learning, and capital raising.  The 28 startups taking part were getting ready... [Read more]

‘How to Launch and Grow a Business Blog From Scratch’ – HubSpot

Anum Hussain says, “Roughly six months ago, I was tasked with launching a new business blog for Sidekick, an email productivity tool built in HubSpot’s startup labs. I thought sure, I’ve been blogging for HubSpot for over two years. Taking full ownership of a new content entity should be easy, right? Wrong. I spent days Googling “how... [Read more]

‘Social Networks & The B2B Buyer Purchase Process’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

Pete Prestipino says, “Social media is maturing – it’s no longer just for the millennials; the new “Social Buying Study” from IDC reveals that 75% of the business-to-business (B2B) buyers and 84% of C-level/vice president executives use social media to support their purchase decisions. IDC indicated that B2B buyers most... [Read more]

‘Marketing in 2014: David Meerman Scott & Brian Halligan on What’s Changed’ – HubSpot

Lindsay Kolowich says, “A lot’s happened in the marketing world in the last few years. Social networks have gone even more mainstream, Vine’s become a thing,Twitter’s made analytics available for everyone, Google’s algorithm has changed (several times … no surprise there), and we’ve watched the prevalence... [Read more]