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Tuesday, January 27, 2015
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Latest News

‘5 Attributes of an Effective Lead Management Process’ – HubSpot

Doug Davidoff says, “Inbound marketing is a powerful strategy. When we implement it for a company here at Imagine Business Development, we will typically see a 2 to 7 times increase in lead generation in the first year and a 5 to 10 times increase in future years. A 2013 study identified generating high quality leads as the number one challenge... [Read more]

‘Marketing Classics: Four principles from the book that changed David Ogilvy’s life’ – ‘MarketingExperiments’ Blog

Austin McCraw says, “Have you ever read an advertising or marketing book more than once? How about more than twice? David Ogilvy once insisted about a book, “Nobody should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times. It changed the course of my life.” What book was he referring to? Marketer, meet... [Read more]

‘Trolls, Unkind Words, and How to Know You’re on the Right Track’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

Sonia Simone says, “At the end of the day, I just find your persona incredibly grating. Funny that I can still remember that comment word-for-word. It’s from anunsubscribe note to my email list dating back at least seven years now. I heard lots of good things back then, too. I was helping people, sharing what I knew in a way that was useful... [Read more]

‘UK online retail sales to reach £52.25bn in 2015: report’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

David Moth says, “Online retail sales are predicted to reach £52.25bn in the UK this year, a 16.2% increase on 2014 when the total stood at £44.97bn. This equates to 15.2% of all retail sales in the UK and means that on average UK consumers will spend £1,174 online in 2015, which would make us the most frequent online shoppers in Europe. In comparison,... [Read more]

‘Three digital marketing mega trends for 2015’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Ashley Friedlein says, “Let us start with the bombshell. There isn’t anything new on the digital marketing horizon for 2015 that excites me much in isolation.  In previous years entire new disciplines emerged. Last year was big for content marketing, data, native advertising, programmatic. Before that we had marketing automation, inbound marketing... [Read more]

‘6 Basic Reports Every Marketer Should Know How to Run’ – HubSpot

Rachel Sprung says, “Truthfully, there are tons of metrics that you can report on. You’ve got reports on the number of Twitter followers, the number of Facebook Likes, the number of visits to your website, the number of conversions, the number of leads from different campaigns or channels — just to name a few. The world is your... [Read more]

‘10 Ways to Boost Results Using Google AdWords’ – ‘Entrepreneur’ Blog

Rocco Baldassarre says, “Google AdWords can drive large volumes of high-quality traffic. Small changes in a campaign often have a significant impact on its profitability. Here is a checklist of AdWords optimization techniques that can be implemented instantly and boost campaign results long-term. 1. Apply bid modifiers based on geographic performance. Performance... [Read more]

‘5 Tips to Finding Your Business Niche’ – ‘’ Blog

Syed Irfan Ajmal says, “Yes, Bing! You really need to take Bing SEO more seriously this year. Here are 5 biggest reasons why I think you need Bing in Your SEO strategy: 1. Bing Is Getting Bigger The Big Bing Theory has come to fruition! With Mozilla making Yahoo its default search engine on Firefox browser, and Yahoo already being powered by Bing... [Read more]

‘7 Content Marketing Tools to Improve Your Productivity’ – Content Marketing Institute

Ian Cleary says, “Content marketing can be time-consuming. With a good plan you can become more effective, and using the right tools should be an important part of that. These seven tools will help make a big difference in your content marketing productivity. 1. SEMrush – Identify how your competitor is ranking on Google SEMrush is a great... [Read more]

Amazon Outdoor Gear Affiliate Opportunity #ad

Gaz Cooper has just released a package of three affiliate websites for Amazon affiliates, to help you get your affiliate sites up and running and ready for business in short order. He calls this package: Early Bird Outdoor Authority. His three sites address three sub-niches of the “great outdoors”: Camping, hunting and hiking. For each of... [Read more]

‘LinkedIn Tricks for Social Media Professionals′ by Jay Baer

Baer says, “The first thing to remember is that LinkedIn is great for SEO, so remember that whatever you put on LinkedIn is searchable, both for individuals and companies. Spend the time and resources necessary to make sure that your LinkedIn page is showcasing your brand, not hurting it. For businesses, that means implementing a few of these pieces... [Read more]

‘Will Yahoo Fold Tumblr Ad Sales Force Into Larger Borg, Um, Org?’ – Re/code

Kara Swisher says, “Despite a promise by CEO Marissa Mayer to let Tumblr stay Tumblr when it acquired it for $1.1 billion in early 2013, several sources inside the company said Yahoo is mulling a move to more fully integrate the sales force at the microblogging site into its larger global sales organization. What that would mean for Tumblr’s... [Read more]