Monday, September 15, 2014
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‘4 Ways to Go More Mobile in 2014’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

Larry Alton says, “It’s official: Americans now use more mobile devices than desktop to browse the Internet. People are perusing your websites, blogs and landing pages on tiny screens while riding on the subway, on tablets while waiting at the doctor’s office, and in the queue at Starbucks. If you don’t give them what they want, your competition... [Read more]

‘Google AdWords Improves Phone Tracking’ – ‘Web Marketing Today’ Article

Melissa Mackey says, “For many small businesses, the telephone is an important tool. Oftentimes most sales and leads for those businesses — restaurants, pizza delivery, electricians, plumbers, party venues, many more — come over the phone. Many small businesses have been using pay-per-click advertising to generate sales forsome time now.... [Read more]

‘Alibaba IPO To Drop $9 Billion In Yahoo’s Lap’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Greg Sterling says, “The Alibaba IPO is nigh. Next week the Chinese e-commerce company will start trading on the New York Stock Exchange and Yahoo will be one of the big beneficiaries. The expected range of Alibaba’s share price is $60 to $66 but it could easily go higher depending on demand. And demand is expected to be very strong (to hysterical)... [Read more]

Profit Builder coming tomorrow; video training today #ad

Sean Donahoe is launching WP Profit Builder tomorrow. It it’s a WordPress page builder ising the latest technology..It features a remarkable “Template Deployment System” so you can easily use a built-in template, make a few changes, and have a custom page for any of your marketing needs in just a few minutes. Here are some of the types... [Read more]

‘Creating Content That Drives Revenue’ – TopRank Blog

Jesse Pickrain says, “It’s another packed house in the ROI track with LinkedIn’s Jason Miller and NewsCred’sShafqat Islam taking the stage after Shane Snow’s inspiring session. The duo did not disappoint. When it was over, the gentleman seated behind me said, “that was the best presentation I’ve seen yet.” The gentleman next to him... [Read more]

‘3 Social Media Tools You Should be Using to Improve Your Social Traffic’ – ‘Affilorama’ Blog

Gina Broom says, “Where do you go to see what your friends are up to? Where do you go to find out the latest interesting news? Heck, where do you go to find out if people are officially in a relationship? I’m talking about social media. If you think it’s not important, think again. Check out the infographic by Leverage below. There’s a lot... [Read more]

‘Lead Generation Tips – Going Back to the Archives’ – ‘Business 2 Community’ Article

Lawrence Anderson says, “Most content marketers do their best to avoid recycling their old material (or at least, be too obvious about it). The more they do it, the more they risk prospects catching on. There’s only so many different ways you can teach the same old lessons or keep the same old data ‘relevant. Then again, don’t some people say... [Read more]

Total Video Takeover: how to rank your YouTube videos in 2014 #ad

Simon Greenhalgh and Steve Benn have just released a new version of Total Video Takeover, revised for 2014. Finally, it is now possible to create videos without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive equipment and software. If you have been reading IM NewsWatch for the past few months, you have seen a lot of video tools being announced. ... [Read more]

‘6 Ways to Make Your Content Drive Long-Term ROI’ – HubSpot

Neil Patel says, “Creating content is hard work. So if you’re going to go to the trouble of creating it, you want to make sure it’ll bring you a great return on your investment for a long time. What if each of your blog posts and articles were conduits of cash that never, ever turn off? What if they kept on delivering traffic, conversions,... [Read more]

‘Great Customer Experience, European Style’ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

Harley Manning says, “I love Europe. I especially love the fact that in a very real sense there is no “Europe” as such: the UK experience is not the German experience, which is not the French experience, which is not the Italian experience, and so on. Yet all of these countries are so close together that once I’m over there I can visit a... [Read more]

‘Stats: How happy are our social networks?’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Luke Richards says, “The latest update to Econsultancy’s Internet Statistics Compendium sees the usual batch of hand-picked data gems from freely available sources online as well as our own recent reports. This month, the Social Media sub-report of the compendium saw some particularly interesting stats about engagement (fromSocialFlow), how US... [Read more]

‘Facebook Says It Will Actually Listen To Your Ad Feedback Now’ – ‘ReadWrite’

Selena Larson says, “Maybe you told Facebook why you hid an ad in the past, but the social network didn’t really use that information to change the ads it showed you. That’s changed. On Thursday, Facebook announced two new updates that are meant to help show people “better,” ads—as in, advertisements you might actually click... [Read more]