Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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‘Marketers, get ready for your content reach to plateau on Facebook’ – ‘Experian Marketing Forward’ Blog

Dajana Guja says, “Increase your number of followers, get more people to like your page, post, post, post… But what if what your post doesn’t show up in your fan’s Facebook News Feed? Some of you have noticed this more frequently and are probably wondering “What is happening?!” Times have changed and we are seeing the beginning of... [Read more]

‘Retailers Shifted Spend From Desktop Search Ads In 2013′ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Ginny Marvin says, “Retailer ad spend allocated to desktop text ads on Google AdWords has shrunk as budgets shift to product listing ads and mobile. On the whole, retailers spent $2 billion on desktop text ads in the U.S. last year, down from $2.3 billion in 2012, according to search marketing research firm AdGooroo’s “Top Retailers in Search... [Read more]

‘Facebook Will Never Perfect Mobile — And That’s Okay’ – Re/code

Kurt Wagner says, “In early 2013, a group of Facebook engineers visited Africa to test its mobile app in poor network environments. The results were predictable, and frustrating for Facebook. The app crashed regularly, photos wouldn’t load, and one engineer used his entire data plan simply downloading and updating the app from the app store. Simply... [Read more]

New web page builder makes WordPress marketing pages easy #ad

Today, Sean Donahoe is releasing his new page builder WordPress plugin, called WP ProfitBuilder, so you can create beautiful, professional pages that meet your exact needs. In his three videos over the last week, he has shown how easy it is to use for nearly any marketing site. WP Profit Builder will make it easy for you to create powerful squeeze pages... [Read more]

‘Retailers: 2015 Will be a Pivotal Year in E-Commerce Fulfillment’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

Amberly Dressler says, “Has your company realized the maximum value from its supply chain? This is Chainalytics core purpose, which is one reason 18 of Gartner’s top 25 Supply Chain companies count on it to accelerate the transformation of their supply chains. Its focus, according to Irv Grossman, Chainalytics’ vice president of supply... [Read more]

‘How to Combine Screaming Frog Data with Google Analytics Data’ – MOZ Blog

Jom Seward says, “I love Screaming Frog. It is without doubt the best SEO tool I use on a daily basis (no offense, Moz). The sheer amount of data you can get about your website, or someone else’s website, is incredible. You can find broken links, you can check for your Google Analytics (or any other) code on all pages through the custom search,... [Read more]

‘Alibaba’s Massive IPO Just Got Even Bigger’ – ‘Mashable’

Seth Fiegerman says, “Alibaba is inching closer to having the largest IPO of all time. The Chinese ecommerce giant increased the proposed price for its IPO to $66-$68 a share, according to a filing with the SEC on Monday afternoon. At the high end of that price range, Alibaba would raise about $21.8 billion and have a market cap of more than $165... [Read more]

Funnel Factories Pro: Build a real business running online overnight #ad

Barry Rodgers and Val Wilson have a new Funnel Factory Pro for you. They are talking about sales funnels of course. Their new software will build: • An opt-in page, complete sales copy and headline, plus a nifty product to give away in exchange for a visitor’s email address, • A “redirect page” with an upgrade offer, where... [Read more]

‘Subscriber Engagement and Your Inbox Placement Rates’ – Return Path

Julia Peavy says, “Have an email database filled with subscribers that aren’t opening or clicking? Or a database full of email addresses that aren’t active with their inbox? You’re likely suffering from Inbox Placement issues. For some time now, we’ve known that Mailbox Providers are looking at subscriber engagement to... [Read more]

‘The Four Social Programs Every Marketer Should Study — A Free Webinar’ – ‘The Forrester Blog’

Nate Elliott says, “Nearly all marketers say they use social media. But many aren’t getting much value from their investments. Despite marketers’ excitement about social media, many say the channel simply doesn’t offer enough return on their investment; for instance, barely one-half of those who buy Facebook ads say they’re satisfied... [Read more]

‘6 Essential Social Media Lessons From Top Executives’ – HubSpot

Shannon Johnson says, “Previously, right here on this blog, we’ve written about the importance of company leadership getting involved in social media. After all, there are some major benefits to doing so — an improved company reputation and increased consumer trust, among others. Despite the upsides of social media involvement, the vast... [Read more]

Free report by Barry Rodgers: 8 Steps to to a Profitable Sales Funnel #ad

In the run-up to his launch later today, Barry Rodgers is giving away a helpful free report, 8 Steps to to a Profitable Sales Funnel. With his instructions, you won’t miss any of the important steps when you build your funnel. Get it here at no charge: 8 Steps to to a Profitable Sales Funnel.  [Read more]