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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Latest News

‘7 Reasons Your Business Needs an Automated Welcome Email’ – VerticalResponse Blog

Lisa Furgison says, “When someone signs up for your email list, it’s important to roll out the email red carpet and welcome them. Statistics show these new subscribers are most engaged within the first 48 hours. An automated welcome email (which is a type of autoresponder) can help you reach out to your new subscribers within that crucial window... [Read more]

‘Fun with Marketing Attribution Models’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

Pete Prestipino says, “The way digital marketers track virtual events has changed, matured and evolved over the years. Not only are brands connecting these often highly specific events to an outcome such as conversion, but they are also able to assign a value to each event as a result. That offers a level of understanding about spend that is... [Read more]

‘How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy′ by Jay Baer

Baer says, “Content marketing strategy isn’t a nice to have, it’s a requirement.Recent research from the Content Marketing Institute found that more than 80% of B2B marketers say they have a content marketing strategy, but only a third have documented that very same content marketing strategy. Let’s fix that. This presentation is drawn from... [Read more]

‘Guest Posting Best Practices From Copyblogger’s Guest Post Gatekeeper’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

Stefanie Flaxman says, “Many years ago, when I began developing my personal guest posting strategy, Copyblogger sat atop my “Where I Want to Guest Post” list. Five years later, I achieved my goal. So, how did I spend the time between making my list and May 23, 2013 when my first blog post appeared on Copyblogger? Rigorously practicing my writing,... [Read more]

‘Convincing Old-School Clients that Things Have Changed’ – MOZ Blog

Kristina Kledzik says, “There’s a reason we use the terms  “white hat” and “black hat” for SEO: it used to be the Wild West. Black hat tactics were so effective, they were almost necessary to market online. Paying a few thousand dollars to an SEO could get you to rank #1 for almost any term (before you let them... [Read more]

‘How to Build an Instagram Influencer Campaign in Six Steps’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Ryan Stewart says, “Fast-growing Instagram has exploded to over 200 million monthly active users in just three years. And although millions of businesses have joined Instagram, few have successfully figured out how to harness the popularity of the image-based social platform. With not many advertising options available for marketers who’d... [Read more]

‘Google Touts Its Progress In Piracy Battle, Announces New Ad Format & “Pirate” Algorithm Update’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Matt McGee says, “Against what seems like an almost constant string of accusations that it’s not doing enough to prevent online piracy, Google today touted recent progress on that front today with an updated version of its How Google Fights Piracy document and new anti-piracy efforts in its search results. The 26-page document, first published... [Read more]

‘When Does a Lead Become a Sales Rep’s Responsibility?’ – HubSpot

Bethany Handy says, “Lack of lead nurturing is one of the most common problems in the fields of lead generation and management. HubSpot statistics reveal that only 25 percent of leads are legitimate and should be advanced to a sales rep. Knowing where leads are in the buying cycle before moving those forward are essential for optimum efficiency... [Read more]

‘#HolidayHotSheet – Peak holiday shopping days and hot product trends’ – ‘Experian Marketing Forward’ Blog

Diana Illiano says, “Winter is coming! We’re taking you back to some of the trends we saw during last year’s peak holiday shopping days to make predictions for this year’s performance. Plus, get a sneak peek at the hot products that are sure to be on consumers’ wish lists this year. What’s hot this week: A combination of extensions... [Read more]

‘Developers Are Adopting Java 8 In Droves’ – ‘ReadWrite’

Matt Asay says, “With the release of Java 8 back in March 2014, the developer community was primarily excited about two things. One was support for lambda expressions, also known as anonymous functions, which (in Cay Horstmann’s admirably simple definition) are blocks of code you can pass around in a program for later execution—or, if you... [Read more]

‘How to Use Apple Pay: What You Need to Know’ – ‘Mashable’

Lance Ulanoff says, “Apple Pay, Apple’s take on the digital wallet, is finally here. If you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you can officially start buying things with the touch of a finger and by waving your phone over an enabled Point of Sale (POS) system. But for all the excitement, what do we really know about Apple Pay? Why is it different... [Read more]

‘Six tips for finding influencers and co-creating content’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Ben Davis says, “How do you create content that gets heard from within the maelstrom of online media? Well, consumers are looking for trusted and credible sources of information. Partnering with influencers who already have the ear of a community can be a way to create trusted content and get it shared by the right people. The latest in the Econsultancy... [Read more]