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Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Latest News

Google announces updated Google Play Music app; new UI

On The Official Android Blog, Google has announced that the Google Play Music app is now integrated with Songza, acquired by Google a few months ago. This post announces that “If you’re a Google Play Music subscriber, next time you open the app you’ll be prompted to play music for a time of day, mood or activity. Choose an activity to get... [Read more]

Google Releases Penguin 3.0 — First Penguin Update In Over A Year

A new article in SearchEngineLand reports on the new release of Google Penguin. In this article, Barry Schwartz goes through the history of the Penguin enhancements to Google’s search algorithm, This is the sixth in the series that began April 24, 2012. This update has been eagerly awaited by sites that were harmed by the update just over a... [Read more]

The Internet of Things Is More than Just a Bunch of Refrigerators

In his blog post on the Harvard Business Review website entitled The Internet of Things Is More than Just a Bunch of Refrigerators, Scott Berinato reports that people tend to underestimate the importance of The Internet of Things, maybe as a response to the hype that has surrounded it. As Berinato reports, “The Internet of Things is definitely... [Read more]

Ant Cinderella: Rank better without risk #ad

The IM community is buzzing about new software called Ant Cinderella. It’s the latest in the line of ANT software that has been released over the last 2-3 years. This new software is intended to address a problem marketers face: Over the last few years Google has unleashed many ferocious penalties in updates to its search ranking algorithm. Shady... [Read more]

MIT Technology Review: Net Neutrality Wounded, not Dead

In a recent article. The Right Way to Fix the Internet, George Anders reports on innovative internet pricing approaches developed by Mung Chiang, a professor of electrical engineering at Princeton. Chaing suggested following the practice of some electric utilities of offering “off-peak” pricing. The result would be that people could choose... [Read more]

Google’s plan for super-fast internet

In an article on the Engadget website, Daniel Cooper reports that “Google has applied to the FCC for permission to begin wireless spectrum tests in the San Francisco area. According to Reuters, the company’s looking into a rarely-used millimeter wave frequency that is capable of transmitting large amounts of data, but only if the receiving... [Read more]

Internet.org Offers $1M Prize For Apps That Make People In India Want The Web

On the TechCrunch website, Josh Constine reports on a new prize being offered by Internet.org. Specifically, Constine say, “Internet.org is launching a contest to build apps that convince Indian farmers, migrant workers, women, and students why the Internet is valuable by offering localized content. This Innovation Challenge will award $250,000... [Read more]

eCover Authority: Beautiful covers for your eBooks, CDs and more #ad

This week, you can get a remarkable large collection of covers for eBooks, such as Kindle books. It’s called ;eCover Authority. and it provides a wide range of cover designs. You get 20 cover graphic designs, and you get each of them in 100 versions. You get books lying down, books standing up, 3D boks, flat books, CD covers, spiral-bound books,... [Read more]

Google stumbles in its Nexus roll-out plan

For a brief moment, Google began taking pre-orders for the new Nexus phone before it had received approval from the FCC to sell the phone. Apparently due to a communication mix-up, the incident was a mild embarrassment for Google. It shut down the ordering process and said it wouldn’t sell the hone until the FCC approved (this approval is a legal... [Read more]

Improve your marketing by improving your diet

Ron Friedman, writing on the Harvard Business Review website, just published an article entitled What You Eat Affects Your Productivity. The premise of the article is that different foods affect you different way. Some make you more alert; others make you more drowsy. Some require more energy to digest; other are easily digested, leaving energy for... [Read more]

Google announces “An inbox that works for you”

Google just released a new product, you might call it Gmail on steroids. Google calls it Google Inbox. Why bother, when Gmail has been a run-away hit? Here’s Google’s answer: With this [email] evolution comes new challenges: we get more email now than ever, important information is buried inside messages, and our most important tasks can... [Read more]

CPA Affiliate Mastermind: Where CPA Marketers Congregate #ad

Damon Korte is teaming with Timothy Miranda to launch a new mastermind for CPA marketers. CPA Affiliate Mastermind. Korte and Miranda have worked for months to get this course perfect for you. Their training shows you exactly how they generate $27K+ per month while building hyper targeted lists of 50K+ in multiple niches. On top of that, you get 1 on... [Read more]