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Friday, August 28, 2015
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Latest News

Think like the very rich

Since Napoleon Hill interviewed 500 wealthy men nearly 100 years ago and documented his findings in his iconic book, Think and Grow Rich, we have had an inkling of what personality traits, mental traits and psychological traits are demonstrated by those who become wealthy. Rich people think and act differently from those who are “just getting... [Read more]

‘The Current and Future Role of Visual Media in Marketing’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Ayaz Nanji says, “Nearly two-thirds (65%) of senior marketing executives say visual assets (photos, video, illustrations, and infographics) are core to how their brand story is communicated, according to a recent report from the CMO Council and Libris. The report was based on data from a survey of 177 North America-based senior marketers (52%... [Read more]

‘7 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Survey Emails’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Andrew King says, “Email is one of the most popular channels for distributing a survey. But for some reason, most of the emails I receive that include a survey look like they were thrown together as an afterthought. Many have boring subject lines and uninspiring copy and creative, so I rarely feel compelled to participate. If your emails with... [Read more]

‘Marketing: You’re Doing it All Wrong’ – ‘Entrepreneur’ Blog

Bryan Orr says, “Small businesses have always lived and died by word of mouth. Even before the Internet, a business was in trouble if too many people said bad things about it. Fast-forward to today, when any customer can say almost anything about your business, and all the world can read it. One negative review can cripple a new business. Even... [Read more]

Affiliate marketing: Fahey’s new approach earns more profits #ad

You were probably taught to do affiliate marketing by sending people from your email list to a sales page for the product you are promoting. That’s the standard process. Kevin Fahey has a new training product, called IM Affiliate Funnel. And in it he shows a better method for affiliate marketing. In this training, Fahey breaks down his entire... [Read more]

‘7 Cool Facebook Tricks You’ve Never Heard Of’ – ‘’ Blog

Brian Stutter says, “Facebook is the big kahuna of social media. It’s also one of the must-do marketing strategies for local businesses, considering 73 percent of consumers believe Facebook is the most important social media platform for local businesses. Businesses have gotten the message. According to a recent survey of 1,000 small business... [Read more]

‘How to Bounce Back From a Disastrous Sales Drought’ – HubSpot

Steven Macdonald says, “Have you ever suffered a sales drought? If you have, don’t worry. They’re inevitable for every business and every salesperson. Even when you’re working hard every day, reaching out to prospects and chasing up your attempts, you might still miss your targets. When you’re going through a sales slump, you not only... [Read more]

‘Why Getting Your Product to Market Fast Is Not Always a Brilliant Move’ – ‘Entrepreneur’ Blog

Jurgen Appelo says, “Scrum and Lean Startup are right to say we should design products iteratively and faster. But they’re wrong to suggest that we should deliver them faster. Jeff Sutherland, the inventor of Scrum, the most popular software development framework in the world, spells it out quite clearly: “If you don’t have... [Read more]

‘Differentiate Your Digital Business With A Device Innovation Lab’ – Forrester

JP Gownder says, “I’ve just released a significant new report, How To Build The Device Innovation Lab That Differentiates Your Digital Business. Innovation is a huge topic – just ask my colleague Martin Gill, who leads Forrester’s digital business transformation research. But I&O leaders have their own role to play in innovation:... [Read more]

‘You’re Managing Your Customer Journeys All Wrong’ – ‘ReadWrite’

Pini Yakuel says, “Marketers have a veritable arsenal of tools to help them understand and manage their customer relationships. One that has become de rigueur these days is the customer journey map, which is essentially a flowchart that lays out the customer’s experience of dealing with your company. They can be very helpful, acting like visual... [Read more]

‘PPC ads: should you bid on a competitor’s name?’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Chris Sheen says, “Picture the scene. You type your company’s name into Google and the top two results are competitors who have taken ads out in your name. What would you do next? This is exactly the scenario I was faced with recently and I was pretty shocked. I mean yes, we all had a good chuckle when Samsung took out its cheeky ‘Awkward... [Read more]

‘The SEO Professional’s Guide to Waterfall Diagrams’ – MOZ Blog

Billy Hoffman says, “As we know well by now, the speed of a web page is very important from an SEO and user experience perspective. Faster pages have higher search engine ranks, and users will visit more pages and convert higher on a fast performing website. In short, the smart SEO professional needs to also think about optimizing for performance... [Read more]