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Wednesday, September 2, 2015
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Latest News

Online Reputation Management: the key to business survival

One of the greatest things about the computer age is that it has become easy for individuals to instantly share their thoughts and opinions with others online. This can mean great exposure for businesses when happy customers leave positive reviews with friends and family on social media. While positive comments can be great for a company, negative ones... [Read more]

‘How to Increase Website Traffic Without Focusing on Text Content Creation’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Mark Runyon says, “Does content still play a major role in increasing website traffic? In a word, yes. But it’s the quality of the content that drives increasing traffic to your site, not the volume. Also, don’t think of content as only text. Content in the form of videos, pictures, and technology algorithms that help a user find... [Read more]

‘September 1: Google’s Chrome Begins Auto-Pausing Flash Ads’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Ginny Marvin says, “Another nail in Adobe Flash’s coffin is getting hammered in today. Google is now beginning to pause Flash-based ads by default in its Chrome browser. Google announced the move to automatically pause plug-in content, including Flash ads, in Chrome in June as a way to speed up page loads and cut down on battery drain now... [Read more]

‘3 Ways Social Video Marketing Can Propel Your Brand’ – ‘Entrepreneur’ Blog

Adam Toren says, “Social video marketing plays on the most important aspects of basic human nature: the art of storytelling. Where viral videos are all about numbers, social videos are all about connections and conversations. Here are three ways social video marketing can be good for your business. 1. Emotional connections drive brand loyalty. It... [Read more]

Rebrand these 4 apps and sell them as your own #ad

At 11:00 EDT, Mark Thompson and Matt Callen announce Rebrand Apps. You probably are aware of Thompson and Callen. In the last few years, they have produced many software products, such as EasyVSL, Webinar Ignition, PressPlay, Heat Map Tracker and many others. Now they are releasing a bundle of 4 new software producs, with white label rights, called... [Read more]

‘Was Twitter’s Visual-Tool Debut at the VMAs a Glimpse of Things to Come?’ – ClickZ Blog

Yuyu Chen says, “At MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sunday night, Twitter gave a select group of celebrities a sneak-peek of its unreleased photo and video editing tools. Is the move indicative of a forthcoming Instagram-like mobile app? Facebook’s leap into social photography via its purchase of Instagram three years ago has certainly served... [Read more]

‘Hit With a Google Penalty? Here’s How to Quickly Diagnose & Fix Your Issues’ – HubSpot

Andrea Francis says, “Every marketer has a story about getting penalised by Google. Evidence suggests that though many websites have been penalised (not just by the big updates, but also by one of the thousands of tiny little manual Google updates), the average marketer or webmaster hasn’t noticed. According to Kissmetrics, only 5% of penalised... [Read more]

‘Google’s Alphabet: It’s All About Getting New Ideas Into Orbit’ – ‘ReadWrite’

Christopher Lochhead says, “Asking why Google created Alphabet is the wrong question. The right questions to ask are: Why did Google miss social networking? How is it that limo company Carey didn’t see the opportunity in smartphone-powered transportation and Uber’s founders did? Why did it take SAP until 2011 to get into cloud apps, twelve... [Read more]

‘Personality Matters: How one company doubled its ROI by customizing ads based on personality’ – ‘MarketingExperiments’ Blog

Ken Bowen says, “For over a decade, MarketingExperiments has stressed the importance of customer reviews. When our Customer Ratings Tested Web clinic was originally broadcast in 2004, was the third-most popular ecommerce site in America, and Amazon’s annual revenue was a mere 7% of what it has since become. In the ten years since,... [Read more]

‘Copyblogger Media Rebrands as Rainmaker Digital’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

Brian Clarke says, “The company formerly known as Copyblogger Media turns five years old today. It was September 1, 2010 that the adventure that began with a one-man blog in 2006 went to a whole new level. The scene that sticks out in my mind, however, happened a couple of months before the official start date for the company. We had just figured... [Read more]

‘Consumer Survey Reveals the Efficacy of Inbound vs. Outbound’ – MOZ Blog

Kelsey Libert says, “We’ve all heard the decades-old myth that the average consumer is bombarded with up to 5,000 ads a day. But if someone wanted to, he or she could get that number closer to zero. Just search for “how to block ads” and you’ll find more than 700 million answers. Ad-avoidance is a growing issue for marketers... [Read more]

‘The What, When, and Who of Successful Emails’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Verónica Maria Jarski says, “What you put into your email, when you send it, and who opens it can make or break your email campaign. Here’s a closer look the importance of each of those factors, according to the following Constant Contact infographic. What are you putting into your email? About 20 lines of text and three or fewer images... [Read more]