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Saturday, January 19, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Latest News

‘Eleven social media metrics you need to master’ Webinar February 6

Marketing Week is hosting a webinar on ‘Eleven social media metrics you need to master’ on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 10.00 am ET. The Marketing Week team says, “Social analytics don’t hold much value if you can’t clearly measure performance and ROI. But what are the most important metrics you need in your toolkit?... [Read more]

Six advertising trends for 2019

With the rise of connected devices and the expansion of AI, digital advertising has become more impactful and targeted. Entrepreneur magazine contributor Katherine Hays has shared six advertising trends that we need to consider in 2019. Hays says, “Here are some of the trends to be aware of heading into the New Year. AI in advertising We... [Read more]

Full Funnel Testing: SEO & CRO Together [MOZ Video]

The MOZ team has shared a video titled ‘Full Funnel Testing: SEO & CRO Together’ featuring Will Critchlow. The MOZ team says, “Testing for only SEO or only CRO isn’t always ideal. Some changes result in higher conversions and reduced site traffic, for instance, while others may rank more highly but convert less... [Read more]

Starting a Video Agency online; beginner-friendly training, software #ad

There’s a big demand for online video. Google prioritizes pages with video, and businesses are finally realizing they need to use video, or they won’t be able to compete. Although there are certainly large video agencies making videos for businesses large and small, they usually charge more than a small business can afford. As a result,... [Read more]

Google News best practices for publishers [from Google]

Google’ Danny Sullivan has shared a list of best practices for publishers to achieve better results with Google News platform in 2019. In his general advice, Sullivan says, “There is a lot of helpful information to consider within the Google News Publisher Help Center. Be sure to have read the material in this area, in particular the content and technical guidelines”. He... [Read more]

Strengthen YouTube SEO with these tools

YouTube as a platform plays a vital role in enabling the marketers to expand their reach by effectively passion on their promotional messages to the audience. Search Engine Marketing contributor Diana Ford has shared 25 tools to help marketers streamline their YouTube SEO optimization. Ford says, “Getting yourself noticed on YouTube can... [Read more]

IoT in marketing. 2019 statistics.

The Internet of Things (IoT) wave is expected to lead further just like the Artificial Intelligence entry. Marketing Land contributor Robin Kurzer has shared a detailed article on how marketers are using IoT in 2019. Kurzer says, “More than 24 billion internet-connected devices are expected to be installed globally by 2020, according to... [Read more]

Improve PPC marketing with these tips

Any form of marketing requires you to remain constantly updated. You need to have your focus on the things that might affect your marketing procedure. Marketing Land contributor Amy Bishop has shared six tactics to help PPC marketers save time, reduce stress and improve their marketing performance. On improving time efficiency, Bishop says,... [Read more]

5 ways to destroy your social media reputation

Social media plays a pivotal role in running your business today. It helps you build a following and create a reputation that could lead you to success. While using social media to support your business you need to be very cautious and careful as one wrong step could ruin your online reputation. The Content Sparks team has published a useful... [Read more]

Creating a better marketing strategy

With rising competition and product portfolios you need to keep working on your marketing strategies as it can lead you to achieve better results. Business 2 Community contributor Susan Gilbert has listed four education tools that can help brands enhance their marketing strategies. Gilbert says, “Learning something new about a specific... [Read more]