Monday, September 1, 2014
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‘Rapid Listbuilding 2.0’ John Chow’s Webinar September 11

Webinar Details Organizer:  John Chow Speaker: Tim Paige Topic: Rapid Listbuilding 2.0 Day/Date: Thurday, September 11 Time: 6.00 pm EST – Time Zone Converter Register for webinar details. ‘Rapid Listbuilding 2.0’ Webinar  [Read more]

‘Why Building a Web Business Built on Facebook Is So Scary’ – Re/code

Peter Kafka says, “Another installment from the “Facebook Giveth, Facebook Taketh Away” story that all Web publishers are following with intense interest: Below is a chart of Gawker’s U.S. traffic, courtesy of editor Max Read. That first peak, from June, was the site’s third-best month. The peak on the right, from August, indicates that... [Read more]

‘Seven Tips to Increase Your Email Deliverability’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Kevin Huxham says, “Email marketing has the highest return on investment of any marketing medium. It’s a powerful tool that’s not going away any time soon. High success rates come when you put forth the effort to ensure your lists are clean and current, your content is sound and simple, and your ability to track results helps you... [Read more]

Easy Funnel Maker 2.0 goes live at 10 AM EDT; easy marketing funnels #ad

Barry Rodgers and Val Wilson have just revised their classic software for building website sales funnels. Easy Funnel Maker 2.0 software is a funnel maker that you can use with any product, any giveaway, any OTO, etc. that you want to sell. The software asks for some information about your product, your OTO, your download page, etc., and then it takes... [Read more]

‘Twitter Tests Desktop Trends Box That Displays Details About Each Trend’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Martin Beck says, “The trends box on Twitter’s desktop site is very spartan — a list of 10 topics and hashtags displayed without context and tucked inconspicuously into either the right or left rail. It’s likely many users overlook the feature, making it a missed opportunity for Twitter as it attempts to make its platform more engaging... [Read more]

‘Email Crowned King of B2C Communication Per New Report’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

Derek S. says, “Email has been a mainstay in marketing campaigns for years now. With the relatively new adoption of text message marketing and in-store beacons email has quietly sat back and allowed the newcomers to bask in the spotlight. However, even with more consumer attention being placed on the newcomers, email has remained a powerful... [Read more]

‘Four Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing Maturity’ Business 2 Community Webinar September 15

The ‘Business 2 Community’ team says, “To turn business buyers into long-term loyal customers, marketers must mature their content marketing practices to produce relationship-building, useful information. Forrester teamed up with the Business Marketing Association (BMA) and the Online Marketing Institute (OMI) to benchmark the maturity of... [Read more]

CPA Traffic Surge: complete course in high-value CPA Marketing #ad

Joey Babbs has over 12 years of CPA marketing experience. In his work, he has found that the the success of his CPA campaigns is directly related to three things: 1. The quality of the traffic he sends to these campaigns. So he invested a lot of time and effort into finding good quality traffic sources. 2. The proper promotion of the offers you select. 3.... [Read more]

‘Why Website Optimization Trumps Search Engine Optimization’ – ‘Business 2 Community’ Article

Douglas Burdett says, “While search engine optimization gets all the notoriety and attention, website optimization actually yields better results. Here’s how to do it The terms search engine optimization and website optimization are often used interchangeably. But they are different. It brings to mind the mistaken interchangeability of the terms... [Read more]

’15 Stats That Prove You Need Mobile Email Optimization’ – HubSpot

Anum Hussain says, “I don’t know about you, but when I get an email on my phone and have to squint my eyes to try and make out the words, I hit delete. The emails I’m deleting aren’t spammy, unpersonalized messages — they’re just poorly optimized for mobile. And I’m not the only person who does this. In fact,... [Read more]