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Friday, July 10, 2020

WP Ad Burn Plugin makes your ads interactive #ad

WPAdBurn Plugin increases your click-through rate by givng your ads new life with its social features:• Each ad is given a hotness rating based on how many times it has been clicked.• Using short codes, you can place an ad anywhere in your content to lead more people to click it.• Clicking on an ad can trigger a whole new page opening so you can give an full presentation (that has a link back to the main page). It could be an affiliate offer, or you can sell ad space on your site with a click taking the visitor to the advertiser’s site.• Ads invote Facebook comments•... [...]

WP-TreasureLinker: lets you place ads in your blog posts, pages #ad

This ad is a so-called “interstitial” ad, of the simplest type. It appears in the stream of posts on our site, mixed with other posts on the home page.It has been shown that interstitial ads are the most productive kind. We employ them; so do many other large blogs. NewsWatch does a little, but to get the most out of interstitial ads, we (and you) need to do more with them.Beyond the typical text ad, with WP-TreasureLinker, your interstitial ads can show banners, even full-page graphics, when someone clicks on one of your links to, for example, any page on your blog. You see this... [...]