Online Marketers are becoming intrigued by EZ Magic Video. It does something no other video software available to the average marketer has been able to do. It creates spokesperson videos, with live human presenters, not just cartoon characters, that can be customized (within bounds) to present your message, including your Call to Action.

By using the world’s first customizable spokesperson videos, you are getting in on the ground floor on software that allows you to customize what a real human spokesperson says in your video, line-by-line, and do your customization all in a matter of minutes.

You customize your video by selecting mini-videos (a.k.a. video clips) from their library of 2000 clips (covering several top niches) and pasting them together in the order you need.

You might think that the resulting video would look choppy and have obvious seams, but they have been very clever. During the transition from one clip to another,you can select a change in perspective (a zoom in, a new camera angle, etc.) so that the video you make looks seamless and professional.

By building your custom video, you can create a video that no one else has, which makes it ideal for use on your own site, on YouTube or other social media.

Listen to what some actual early-bird users are saying about EZ Magic Video:

“The amount of planning and work that had to go into this BLOWS my mind.

Thank you guys for stepping up and showing next level/outside the box thinking.”

“I am blown away with EZ Magic Video. Finally, one can create videos with real spokespersons and change the content with ease! Super easy to use with really fast rendering.

I can honestly say this is a “game changer” for the video creation world!”

“I think I own every video program Matt has ever produced. I can buy them always knowing that they will be easy to use and most importantly instant cash makers for me.

EZ Magic Video is truly a game changer for video production. I will be using it from day one for all my videos.”

You may have tried another video creation application. There are many available; some beter than others. Some are more flexible, but much harder to use. This one is rather flexible (and you can get additional video clips to add to your library, for more flexibility, through some of their add-on offers) and so simple that anyone can use it.

The price stays on the early-bird special until 11 AM Tuesday, then it rises by $2.05. That’s not much; if you see this after 11, don’t let that small difference stop you.

With the help of Todd Gross and Matt Bush, the creators, we have some powerful bonuses for our readers that will make by EZ Magic Video even more useful because they extend its operation to do new marketing “tricks” automatically. You will see our bonuses on our custom introductory page: by EZ Magic Video.

For the best pricing, don’t delay. Go here now: EZ Magic Video.

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