Jack Morse says, “Facebook is coming for you.

With the social media giant’s F8 conference in the rear-view mirror, it is now more clear than ever that what we think of when we think of Facebook — messaging, sharing photos, forming groups, etc. — represents only the beginning of the company’s ambitions.

notes that people spend a combined total of 50 minutes every day on Facebook and Instagram. For company CEO Mark Zuckerberg, that just means there are 1,390 minutes left to be captured.

He dreams of a future where Facebook is the default way you interact with the world, and the products and services unveiled at the conference Tuesday and Wednesday prove his team has a plan to get there.

Augmented Reality

From the newly announced Facebook Spaces, to Messenger 2.0, to the added Workplace enterprise features, Facebook is working toward having eyes on each and every one of your digital interactions. But F8 drove home the fact that this isn’t enough for the boy king of Silicon Valley”.

F8 makes it abundantly clear that Facebook has ambitions way beyond your social network


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