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Saturday, October 16, 2021

SEO Enigma has been reloaded (updated with latest tips) #ad

Jon Shawcross has been an SEO specialist for years. He runs an international SEO company called Onvizi. In his work he has learned more than a little about SEO, and now in SEO Enigma Reloaded he is sharing that wisdom with you. He starts by clarifying the truth about SEO: there’s no magic bullet, no substitute for the careful work of positioning your site where the search engines will find it. It won’t happen overnight, and if you don’t accept this fact, you will probably waste money and times on so-called solutions that don’t really work. In this training, he shares the strategy he uses... [...]

Is your website fully compliant with the law? #ad

You don’t want to get on the wrong side of the law. The regulators carry a very big stick. They can fine you, shut down your site and put you out of business for violating the law. You need compliance policies designed by a competent attorney to keep you safe. For some time now, Compliance Bar has been protecting sites around the world.. Today, until Noon PST, there is a sale that offers you its protection at a bargain price. • Compliance Bar will display links to your legal pages in the form of attractive icons that can be positioned anywhere on your page. • Compliance Bar can display... [...]

SEO Enigma Reloaded: Professional SEO for everyone #ad

Jon Shawcross has relaunched SEO Enigma, his award-winning techniques for SEO enhancements for your website. This version he is calling SEO Enigma Reloaded, and it will help you raise the rank of your site through careful tweaks that get the attention of the search engines. This course is filled with solid techniques and tips that build your long-term rank. It doesn’t have so-called “loopholes” that may have temporary effect on your rank but, in the end, will be discovered by Google and result in a drop in your rank. Shawcross runs a professional SEO company and now is sharing... [...]

SEO Enigma: Bullet-proof SEO for extraordinary results #ad

Anton Nadillo and Jon Shawcross have done a lot of research, over a periuod of years, on what works in SEO without getting you black-listed. Last year, they published the results of their study in the first edition of SEO Enigma. Now, they are releasing version 2, revised and supplemented to account for the recent changes made by Google. Google recently released the 4th version of the Panda update. This follows several updates made throughout 2013. The SEO tactics that worked a year ago may get your site in trouble today. Thar’s why Nadillo and Shawcross felt compelled to revise their advice... [...]

Regulatory Compliance is critical; New plugin makes it easy #ad

New Compliance bar Plugin by Anton Nadilo & Jon Shawcross makes it simple to comply so you avoid fines and penalties by the EU or the US. Online marketers have been sued by regulators more than a few times. One well-known case is FTC vs. Frank Kern. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) won a big suit against Kern, and it cost him a lot of money in penalties. (And the EU regulators can be just as punitive.) You don’t want to be next. So ask yourself this question, “Do my websites have all the same obvious disclosures, notices, and disclaimers? ” Well, what’s obvious... [...]