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Friday, September 24, 2021

Tools to Empower Digital Marketing

Digital marketing depends on the tools and technologies. It keeps innovating with the addition of a new set of tools. SunHouse Marketing contributor Fran Jakubowicz has published an article highlighting 22 tools to improve digital marketing performance. He says, “The beauty of “suite tools” is their all-in-one convenience. They generally include the following: competitive intelligence, backlink analytics, SEO intelligence, website auditing, branded reports, social listening. 1. SEMrush Established in 2008, SEMrush (or old faithful) is a feature-rich, paid tool and a must in any digital... [...]

The Role of Creativity in Digital Marketing [Video]

Creativity helps you excel in your marketing efforts. Neil Patel has published a new video ‘The Role of Creativity in Digital Marketing’ explaining the benefits of creativity in digital marketing. He says, “When you look at the organic reach, it’s harder and harder, but, here’s the thing, there’s new platforms that always come around and make it easier to get rich, for example, I was on Clubhouse, literally right before we ended up doing this podcast interview, okay? And that’s why in marketing, I think one of the best skillsets is creativity”. Neil... [...]

How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2021 [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2021’ describing how the digital marketing is going to take shape this year. He says, “2020 was a crazy year, especially because of COVID. But a lot of things have changed, from algorithms to people going after companies like Facebook from being a monopoly, to voice search controlling roughly 50% of the searches in the United States according to Comscore. But 2020 is over, what’s going to happen in 2021?”. Neil Patel’s Blog  [...]

Seven Step Guide to Starting a Career in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most lucrative career options you have today. It allows you to build a steady income with minimum investment working from home. Ahrefs’ Si Quan Ong has shared a seven-step guide to starting a career in digital marketing. He says, “Kickstart your career in digital marketing in these seven steps: Create your own website Choose one digital marketing channel to focus on Learn more about your chosen digital marketing channel Execute on what you’re learning Familiarize yourself with free digital marketing tools Apply for a job in marketing Furthering your... [...]

Why Studying the Past of Digital Marketing is Important [Video]

Perficient Inc. has published a new video ‘Why Studying the Past of Digital Marketing is Important’ featuring Eric Enge. The Perficient team says, “Digital marketing has been part of marketing programs for decades. Perficient’s Eric Enge got started in the industry right at the beginning, roughly 30 years ago. In this episode of the award-winning Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Eric Enge gives some retrospective on the history of digital marketing and SEO and shares lessons that can be applied to today’s digital marketing strategy”. Watch the video. Perficient... [...]

Your Guide to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to reach consumers. Business 2 Community contributor Gregory Reyes has shared an in-depth article on digital marketing. He says, “Here are some types of digital marketing: Content Marketing Email Marketing Social Media Marketing For the scope of this blog post, we’ll only talk about these 3 types of digital marketing since they’re the most common. Let’s start with Content Marketing. Content Marketing Examples Content marketing is a strategic approach on consistently creating... [...]

Importance of Blending SEO with Other Digital Marketing [Video]

Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz has published a video ‘Importance of Blending SEO with Other Digital Marketing’ featuring Joe Beccalori. Schwartz says, “In part one with Joe Beccalori of Interact Marketing we spoke about the diminishing value of the organic SERP, so in part two we talk about how to tweak more about organic search by blending it with other digital marketing techniques. We first went over how the SEO competitive landscape in almost all niches were virtually not existent but now, it is all super saturated and competitive, even in really small niches. We... [...] Shares 10 Ways to Adapt Your Marketing Plan During the Pandemic

A strong marketing plan can help you to create a strategy for how you will communicate with your target audience and influence them to buy your products or services. contributor Skye Schooley has shared 10 ways to adapt your marketing plan during the pandemic. Schooley says, “We spoke with small business owners and marketing experts to help you determine the top 10 ways to modify your marketing strategy and reach your audience during the current economic upheaval. 1. Emphasize the true relevance of your product or service. As consumer needs change, the relevance of your product... [...]

Three Ways to Deal with Coronavirus Impact on Marketing

The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected everything around the world and digital marketing is not an exception. Search Engine Watch contributor Birbahadur Kathayat has published an article highlighting the impact of this pandemic on digital marketing and three ways to deal with it. Kathayat says, “Coronavirus lockdown has halted many business processes starting from manufacturing, supply chain to logistics, and marketing.   Some businesses have closed or paused their digital marketing activities temporarily, citing the health concerns of their employees. If you are on... [...]

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

The new year is almost here so you should prepare your marketing tools to achieve more milestones. With increasing Internet usage, the digital marketing domain has bright scope for further growth. Jeff Bullas has shared five biggest trends that we may observe in 2020. Bullas says, “Statista projected that by the close of 2019, active email accounts would be increasing to an astonishing 5.6 billion. According to Hubspot, local searches have become so powerful that 72% of searchers for local businesses end in a 5 mile radius visit. Omnicore Agency has found that a full 93%... [...]