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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Landing pages that convert #ad

Well-designed pages are essential for your optins, your click-throughs and your sales. Many factors need to be done right to assure your page will be attractive to the target audience. Stefan King created Exact Landing Page Recipe to show you how to create top landing pages. King draws upon his long experience as a sought-after copywriter to give you the keys to designing landing pages that will present your message clearly and persuasively. He looks at many critical factors, including: • Using consumer psychology to improve results • Brainstorming to choose an “angle”... [...]

Sell More with this Exact Landing Page Recipe #ads

No matter what anyone tells you, the design of your web pages matters. Well-designed pages get more click-throughs and sales than poorly designed ones. The copy, the graphics and the offer itself have to fit the target audience. That’s why Stefan King created Exact Landing Page Recipe. King is a sought-after copywriter who has worked for many online marketers, creating their sales pages that have gone on to earn them good money. Now, he takes you, step-by-step, through the process he uses to create winning sales pages, including: • How you can apply consumer psychology for best results •... [...]

Trevor Crook’s sales arsenal; the copywriting secrets of a master #ad

You may never have heard of Treveor Crook, but the leaders in marketing have. He has written the sales copy promoting teaching by leaders such as Dr. Stephen Covey, Frank Kern and Sir Richard Branson. He is also the mentor to hundreds of participants in his workshops for small business marketers. Famed (legendary? probably so) marketer Ted Nicholas praises Crook’s dedication to “helping his students dramatically improve their copywriting skills.” Matt Bacak became acquainted with Crook’s expertise and convinced him to release a WSO of his insider knowledge, secrets of his... [...]

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