No matter what anyone tells you, the design of your web pages matters. Well-designed pages get more click-throughs and sales than poorly designed ones. The copy, the graphics and the offer itself have to fit the target audience.

That’s why Stefan King created Exact Landing Page Recipe.

King is a sought-after copywriter who has worked for many online marketers, creating their sales pages that have gone on to earn them good money. Now, he takes you, step-by-step, through the process he uses to create winning sales pages, including:
• How you can apply consumer psychology for best results
• How you can brainstorm to come up with an “angle” for the sales copy
• How you can put words on paper (on on a hard drive) to create your first draft
• How you can edit and polish your copy so it has a positive effect on the readers.

If you have a product or service to sell, and you don’t want to hire an expensive copywriter, write your own copy with King’s guidance.

In Exact Landing Page Recipe, King shows you how to write headlines and body copy that connects with your audience, showing them your expertise and capturing their imagination so they turn to you for solutions.

Writing good copy can be tricky. Get expert guidance here: Exact Landing Page Recipe.

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