You may never have heard of Treveor Crook, but the leaders in marketing have. He has written the sales copy promoting teaching by leaders such as Dr. Stephen Covey, Frank Kern and Sir Richard Branson.

He is also the mentor to hundreds of participants in his workshops for small business marketers.

Famed (legendary? probably so) marketer Ted Nicholas praises Crook’s dedication to “helping his students dramatically improve their copywriting skills.”

Matt Bacak became acquainted with Crook’s expertise and convinced him to release a WSO of his insider knowledge, secrets of his copywriting success for big name clients. He calls it his Sales Seduction Arsenal.

Now you can take advantage of his knowledge of sales psychology to write better ads of your own.

This treasure chest of copy elements, waiting to be swiped, contains his swipe file of 420 sales letter ingredients, each one tested for positive value in improving your sales letters. You get:
• 8 Words that can kill your sales copy; never use them
• 50 copy transition phrases so your copy flows seamlessly
• 101 Persuasive verbs that help you tell your story
• 101 Powerful cliches. Yes, we usually want to avoid cliches, but these are different.
• 101 Attention-grabbing headlines
• And more

You can study these winning words, use them in all your marketing, adapt them to fit your products and services, and gain the advantage of an expert’s touch in your ads.

Crook and Bacak have started the price on Sales Seduction Arsenal at just $7.00, but the price is constantly rising.

At this writing, the price is $7.21. Get your copy quickly to make sure you get the best price possible. Get it here: Sales Seduction Arsenal.

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