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Friday, June 18, 2021

Affilishopr: Affiliate marketing has never been this easy #ad

AffiliShopr is an all-in-one eCom affiliate store builder that solves the biggest problem Amazon affiliates have, no access to the Amazon API. Recently, Amazon changed the rules for affiliates. They now require that you make 3 sales before you can get access to their API. Now, with AffiliShopr, you can automatically build an affiliate store that promotes Amazon products without needing their API. And there’s another reason to avoid the API. It’s a pain. And now you have a solution. AffiliShopr will automatically: ➤ Find affiliate products to promote ➤ Add relevant products to your... [...]

Final 24 hours for Toy Store Clone #ad

For the last week, CoolIce has been offering his complete Amazon affiliate store specializing in toys. He calls it Toy Store Clone. Now his introductory offer is closing in 24 hours, 11 AM EST Sunday. The store will still be available, but at a much higher cost. The sophistication of this store is remarkable. It automatically advertises the latest Amazon best-selling toys. You get to sell Hasbro, Lego, Mattel and other top toys all automatically. The store pulls photos, ratings, reviews, related products, and more. Some products even have videos that are included in your store. There’s... [...]

Last day for discount on Covert Store Builder #ad

The 3-day sales on Covert Store Builder, ends today. Depending on when you read this, you have 24 hours or less to take advantage of the discount. It has been selling for $47, but today only, it’s $27.. After the sale ends, they have announced that they are raising the price all the way to $97. Covert Store Builder is a powerful WordPress theme dedicated to one purpose: building Amazon affiliate stores. Whatever niche you choose, this theme can help you build your affiliate store quickly. As of yesterday, over 6000 people have bought this theme, trusting it to be the keystone of their affiliate... [...]

Covert Store Builder: Discount for just 2 more days #ad

If you haven’t checked out the re-launched Covert Store Builder, you have just 2 days to get it for $27. Then it returns to its normal $47 price. This easily builds Amazon affiliate stores in whatever niche you choose. Nearly 6000 people have bought this software, and should be moving forward on building their affiliate business. You get an automated site, with a lot of flexibility for you to give your store a custom look. And your store operates nearly automatically; set it and forget it. Here’s a way for you to get a fully functioning store running quickly. There’s still time... [...]

TVStoreClone: Authoritative-looking Amazon affiliate TV store instantly #ad

Coolice has done it again. It’s another of his Amazon affiliate stores that has many well-developed pages of content. This time his niche is televisions, and he calls his store TV Store Clone. With the content he has included, your store can look like a well-established business from day 1. It is fully developed, fully monetized and ready for you to insert your Amazon affiliate ID. Over 99% of US households own a TV (most own several) and the industry is booming. And the demand isn’t declining; it’s increasing thanks to low prices and increased functionality of HDTVs. As a result,... [...]

Sell mobile phones, accessories and more in your own online store #ad

Mobile Clone is a WordPress-based affiliate store that is fully monetized and ready to go. In it you can sell all kinds of mobile devices:smartphones, tablets, laptops plus accessories. Your store comes loaded with content plus a beautiful, professional theme, and it automatically updates as new products become available. You may have heard of “coolice”, the creator of this store. He has been building impressive affiliate stores for years; this is his eighth. And it seizes a growing opportunity. There are more mobile phones in operation than toothbrushes in bathrooms, and most of these... [...]

Kindle Store Clone lets you build an online store to sell Kindle books #ad

Kindle books sell well, so the Amazon affiliate who specializes in Kindle books may have better sales than one who specializes in other Amazon products. The only hassle is building your affiliate site that promotes Kindle books. Now, with KindleStoreClone, that problem is solved. You can easily create an attractive store specializing in Kindle books with many special features that make your store easy for your visitors to use: • “Available Now” script that shows thumbnails pictures of newly available books • “Featured Best-selling Books” shows the visitor what’s... [...]