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Thursday, June 20, 2024

How to Create Your Own Money Magnets #ad

Amanda Craven just released Money Magnets. You have probably heard the term “lead magnet”, which refers to a gift marketers offer to people who sign up to join their email list. Craven says they worked well in the past, but in the highly competitive world today, we need to up our game. The gifts that attracted sign-ups to your list no longer have the magnetism they once had. That’s why she created Money Magnets. To show you how to create new link magnets designed for the new age. Craven shares a new improved lead magnet process that attracts not only email addresses, but also... [...]

Proving Ground Review: Income Blast Off

Being a consultant to offline businesses that want to advertise online can be lucrative, but it also can be frustrating. If you try to compete on low price for your consulting services, you will almost certainly become frustrated. Usually, there will be someone willing to undercut your price. Even if that doesn’t happen and your low price wins you the bid, you will probably find that the job is worth a lot more than you charged, and you will resent having to do the work for such a low fee. How can you avoid that predicament of always chasing clients that are looking for the cheapest solution... [...]

Help for offline consultants who need higher fees and happier clients #ad

Amanda Craven just released Income Blast Off, her training on building a successful business as a marketing consultant for offline businesses who want to advertise online. Craven has been a consultant in this niche for some years, and gives us the benefit of the lessons learned in her experience. IM NewsWatch received a copy of this new product and has reviewed it to assess its helpfulness for marketing consultants. Our review is generally positive. See our detailed review here: Proving Ground Review: Income Blast Off.  [...]

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