Being a consultant to offline businesses that want to advertise online can be lucrative, but it also can be frustrating. If you try to compete on low price for your consulting services, you will almost certainly become frustrated. Usually, there will be someone willing to undercut your price. Even if that doesn’t happen and your low price wins you the bid, you will probably find that the job is worth a lot more than you charged, and you will resent having to do the work for such a low fee.

How can you avoid that predicament of always chasing clients that are looking for the cheapest solution they can find, and how can you eliminate wishing you had more reward for your efforts? The answer is to develop your business reputation as a premiere consultant, who provides marketing services that are both “in demand” and with value that is superior to the average consultant. If you become the consultant everyone turns to, your pricing can be lucrative for you, but reasonable in the eyes of your clients.

Amanda Craven, an experienced marketing consultant to offline businesses, has documented her own method for positioning her firm as the “best in breed” among her clients in her new training, Income Blast Off.

This training consists of four modules that she delivers immediately, plus bonus modules that she is holding in readiness until you have time to absorb the initial training.

In this training, she focuses on how to build a business that will earn money long-term and will grow from the word of mouth arising from your excellent service to your clients.

This training isn’t addressed to people who want to breeze in to a merchant’s office, build a quick website for quick cash, and then leave town. It’s for people who want to build a reputation for first-class work at fair prices that clients are eager to pay to have you working on their problems. Your high reputation among their fellow merchants means that the “fair” prices they love are also higher that average and beneficial to you.

Craven delivers this training in a mixture of videos, printable documents, plus downloadable templates and worksheets.

The key issue in your consulting success is how you position yourself in the mind of the prospective client. They need to see how unique and how competent you are. They need to recognize, even before they agree to buy, that you are a trusted adviser, one they need in their business.

This is the path to a successful career as an offline consultant, a business coach or marketing freelancer.

We have reviewed the videos. They are presented by Craven, herself, in a well-modulated speaking voice that is easy to listen to.

The videos start with getting yourself in tune with this high-value consulting process. Once you see the importance of what you can provide, you can then show your clients why they need your best services.

How do you resist the pressure to cut your fees to win more business? Craven’s videos give you the ammunition you can use to stand your ground on pricing.

You can earn more if you specialize and become an expert on your specialty. Experts earn more than Jacks-of-all-trades. Craven shows you how to specialize successfully in module 2.

How you make a proposal to a client is a major contributor to your earnings. Module 3 of Income Blast Off show you how to build the client’s understanding of the value you have crammed into your proposal. When they understand the value, they will understand why your charge is quite reasonable.

No matter how well-written your proposal, some clients will hesitate. Module 4 explains how to move them into a more forward-thinking frame of mind so the client sees the value you are giving.

This mix of written modules, video segments and templates an worksheets forms a substantial course that takes you through the things you need to know and do in order to command higher fees and find clients willing to pay these fees.

From the understanding of value-centered marketing needed to build a business to the details of negotiating the contract details, Income Blast Off the secrets Craven has learned in her long professional career as a freelancer. Her perspective will enhance any marketing consultant’s business strategy.

You can get more information about the new training here: Income Blast Off.

Please Note: This is intended to be an unbiased review. Nevertheless, IM NewsWatch may receive a commission if you buy using the link in this article.

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