Amanda Craven just released Money Magnets. You have probably heard the term “lead magnet”, which refers to a gift marketers offer to people who sign up to join their email list.

Craven says they worked well in the past, but in the highly competitive world today, we need to up our game. The gifts that attracted sign-ups to your list no longer have the magnetism they once had.

That’s why she created Money Magnets. To show you how to create new link magnets designed for the new age.

Craven shares a new improved lead magnet process that attracts not only email addresses, but also attracts them in a way that they become customers.

Here’s what Money Magnets will show you:
➤ How to discover what people want so you can give it to them right from the start – get this wrong and you’re doomed to fail.
➤ The kind of lead magnets that have people lining up to grab ’em and the kind that don’t (hint: avoid these if you want to make moolah)
➤ Why old-fashioned lead magnets are no longer working – this is fundamental.
➤ And how to create one that works like gangbusters, doing it super fast and super easily so you can do it over and over again…
➤ So that your subscribers will like and trust you enough to buy from you over and over again
➤ Craven’s simple trick to not only coming up with a great idea for your lead magnet but for all your content and it’s fun 🙂
➤ The best format to use to get them flocking to your lead magnet (this is not what you’re usually told)
➤ The exact formula she used for length and content – is absolutely crucial to your success
➤ The 3 easy steps she follows each and every time she creates a subscriber-sucking lead magnet
➤ How to eavesdrop on your target audience so that you magically give them exactly what they need

Craven invites you to watch over her shoulder as she creates the lead magnets that are pulling in subscribers like crazy so that you can not only see every step she takes; you can also copy what she does so that these work just as well for you as they are doing for her.

If you want to make your marketing a whole lot easier and more lucrative, check out : Money Magnets, here.

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