Dominic Powell says, “For businesses wanting to know how to best market themselves on LinkedIn, now you can get advice straight from the horse’s mouth.

LinkedIn has released an ebook about marketing on the platform, called “The Secret Sauce”, and LinkedIn expert John Nemo has sat down and dissected the ebook to uncover some helpful tips.

“Long story short: LinkedIn wants you doing more business on the platform,” Nemo writes on his LinkedIn Riches blog.

Content is (still) king

Nemo says LinkedIn’s ebook highlights the growing prominence of content from businesses on LinkedIn, which has become much more than a place to only post a personal resume of a company’s description.

“LinkedIn encourages users to post and share content, and it’s working – there are 9 billion content impressions per week on the network’s news feed,” Nemo writes”.

LinkedIn reveals the “secret sauce” for how to best use the platform for marketing

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