Publishing on LinkedIn has been one of the most used and successful trends in online marketing. LinkedIn being a professional social network, offers the authenticity to your content by default which works as an extra perk for your brand publishing efforts.

If you haven’t started with the LinkedIn publishing, Content Marketing Institute contributor Dennis Shiao has shared some useful tips you can implement.

Shiao says, “Why are conversations important? They drive deeper engagement with your audience (e.g., peers, prospects, partners) and help you increase thought leadership in your industry.

As Viveka says, “You have an awesome opportunity when someone engages on your content to connect with them and further deepen that relationship and start having conversations with them.”

Let’s go through the strategies shared by Viveka and Bernie. The strategies apply to LinkedIn posts to personal profiles. They do not address posts made to LinkedIn company pages.

Strategies for composing posts

You have 1,300 characters available when posting to your personal profile, far more than the 280 characters available on Twitter.

Viveka recommends you take advantage of the extra space: “What we’re finding out on LinkedIn is that longer is sometimes better. And so using that full 1,300 characters is getting better responses”.

How to Use LinkedIn as a Brand Publishing Platform

Content Marketing Institute
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