The AMP ads appear on AMP-enabled webpages and deliver advertising experiences that are faster, lighter and more secure than standard display ads.

AdAge’s Vishveshwar Jatain has published ‘A Publisher’s Guide to Understanding AMP Ads’ to help you better understand AMP ads and use them.

He says, “If you are considering leveraging AMP ads, there are a few best practices to keep in mind. First, every AMPHTML ad should be validated before going live on your website. I also recommend testing AMPHTML ads on a few pages before setting them up for your entire website.

When opting for header bidding either via real-time config or wrapper-based setup, make sure your partners have a demand for AMP inventory. Then, think of running a few tests to check whether all your demand partners are able to bid for your inventory.

It’s also important to note that publishers might struggle to understand and implement the technical stuff. To enable your inventory for AMP ads, you need to tweak the source code and add custom tags to signal to servers that you have AMP inventory”.

A Publisher’s Guide to Understanding AMP Ads


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