Monica Montesa says, “Targeting subscribers and sending them personalized, hyper-relevant emails is a great way to better connect with the people on your email list.

It allows you to deliver the right message to people who want and need it most. And the more you can do that with your emails, the more likely you are to expand your reach and nurture your audience until they become customers and loyal advocates of your brand.

But how can you optimize your emails so you’re making the most out of the opportunity to engage subscribers?

Let’s take a closer look at best practices for personalizing your emails to the right people on your email list.

1. Identify your goals.

If you haven’t written down what you hope to achieve by personalizing your emails, now’s the time to do so.

Whenever you think about ways to optimize your emails, it’s important to understand why you’re optimizing them”.

Master Email Personalization with these 5 Best Practices


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