Personalization is the key in email marketing. Personalized email deliver better results as compared to the common email campaigns.

HubSpot columnist Kevin Jiang has published a HubSpot study focused on results gained by running personalized emails.

Jiang says, “For the purposes of our study, an email was “personalized” if it was significantly different from the original template. We quantified this difference as the percentage of words changed from the sales email template to the sent version, coming up with a “text distance score” measure.

In other words, changing a couple words would be less impactful than adding a new paragraph or switching sentences around.

What We Found

Our research proved more personalization leads to higher response rates. That might not be so shocking, but we did notice two more surprising facts.

First, most of our customers aren’t taking advantage of benefits of personalization. Less than 20% of the template is changed for 80% of emails sent”.

Is Personalizing Your Sales Emails Worth It, According to Data?

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