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Friday, June 18, 2021

Archive for the 'Persuasion Email Techniques' Category

How to market books by email, by Dr Mani #ad

Many of our readers know of Dr. Mani, a pediatric heart surgeon in Chennai India. Readers know him because he raises support for his hospital and surgery by training people in marketing products online. He has written many books with information on various online marketing topics, books that he has sold online. This wasn’t a “slam dunk” process. He learned his marketing by careful trial-and-error. After a few years of learning, he became a respected expert in online marketing and started teaching others what he had learned. He has recently produced an e-book specifically tailored... [...]

Make Your Emails Persuasive with These Techniques

According to an Email Monday research, 27% marketers send interactive emails, 21.6% try Big Data rationalization in their emails, and 10% try to offer an omnichannel email experience. The key in trying all these tactics is to persuade your subscriber to make a purchase decision. HubSpot columnist Leslie Ye has shared ten sales email persuasion techniques marketers use in their email campaigns. On using assertive language in your emails, Ye says, “Prospects want to know what will happen to their business and their own professional brand if they buy from you. If you communicate in a way that... [...]