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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Archive for the 'Keyword Research Tips' Category

Your Guide to Keyword Research for SEO

Effective keyword research enables you to discover priority terms, phrases, and questions to optimize your content for SEO.Seer Interactive contributor Ben Ballance has shared a comprehensive article on doing keyword research for better SEO performance.Ballance says, “Keyword research is one of the building blocks of SEO. And, really, any successful digital marketing. By uncovering and optimizing around how people search for your product or service, you are ensuring your content speaks the same language as your users.As an added benefit, search engines are more likely to understand the... [...]

How To Rank #1 For Competitive Keywords [Video]

With the selection of the right keywords, you can target your search engine audience. You can come out with competitive keywords by analyzing the keywords for which your competitors rank in Google.Neil Patel has published a new video ‘How To Rank #1 For Competitive Keywords’ to help you improve your search engine rankings.Patel says, “Today is another day of Content Marketing Unlocked. I’m going to be breaking down how to rank number one in the long term. We’re going to be going over marketing strategies, media outlets, going omnichannel, and of course, scaling up... [...]

How to Deal with Keyword Research During Pandemic

Effective keyword research helps you to find and focus right keywords for better search engine marketing. The SEO has changed in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. To keep your search engine performance steady during these tough times, you need to cope with  the search engine algorithm changes.Kozai’s Gary Hainsworth has published an article highlighting some useful tips on updating your  keyword research during the Coronovirus.Hainsworth says, “SEO is constantly evolving and what is right one month may not be right the next. We’ve known this for a while, but with the increased reliance... [...]

Your Guide to Keyword Research for SEO

Ahrefs contributor Tim Soulo has published a comprehensive guide entitled ‘Keyword Research for SEO’ to help you improve search engine optimization with effective keyword research.Soulo says, “Keywords are the foundation of SEO. If nobody is searching for what you’re writing about, you won’t get traffic from Google—no matter how hard you try.Given how important keyword research is, it’s hardly surprising that we’ve written a lot about it already. But reading through tons of posts and trying to piece everything together yourself is hard work, especially if you’re... [...]

Five Tips to Improving SEO with Keywords

Right keyword selection can help you to improve your search engine marketing performance. In-depth keyword research can help you to explore and select the most appropriate keywords for your business.Ahrefs’ Joshua Hardwick has shared five tips to help you understand the importance of importance of keywords and use them for SEO.Hardwick says, “Showing up at the top of Google for a relevant keyword might send lots of traffic your way, but how do you do that?There are two ways.PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisingSEO (Search Engine Optimization)Pay-per-click (PPC)PPC is where you... [...]

How to Use Long Tail Keywords to Grow a Profitable Business [Video]

Long-tail keywords are the keywords that are more specific, they are longer than commonly searched for keywords. With long-tail keywords, you can achieve a higher conversion value.Tim Stodz has published a new video ‘How to Use Long Tail Keywords to Grow a Profitable Business’ to help you rightly use long-tail keywords for growing a profitable business.Stodz says, “In this video, I explain what a long tail keyword is. I also go through some examples of what a broad phrase keyword is and I compare it to a long tail keyword so you can see the different examples. At the end, I... [...]

Your Guide to Improving Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of looking into what users type into search engines to find what they’re looking for. Effective keyword research helps you to identify right keywords for improving your search engine rankings and grow website traffic.To help you strengthen your keyword research, Rank Ranger’s Carolyn Lyden has shared some useful metrics.Lyden says, “Understanding the numbers behind keywords helps to mitigate that issue and the time wasted investing in the wrong type of content.Search VolumeSearch volume tells us how many people are searching for a topic on a particular... [...]

Using Keyword Planner to Find New Keywords

Microsoft’s Keyword Planner is a great tool to perform keyword research. It helps you to find right keywords and reach out to the customers who are continuously searching for products and services you offer.Microsoft Advertising’s Kevin Salat has published an article on using Keyword Planner to grow your search engine presence.Salat says, “In a world that seems to be changing by the minute, your customers are continuously searching for products and services with new queries, so keyword management is of the utmost importance. But how do you choose the best keywords, and how... [...]

Jaan Kanellis’ Guide to Negative Keywords

Negative keywords help you to improve targeting and ROI in online advertising. By using negative keywords you can make sure that certain words or phrases don’t trigger an ad being shown on a SERP or website.Jaan Kanellis has published a new guide called ‘The Plain-English Guide to Negative Keywords’.Kanellis says, “When you make a negative keyword list, don’t go overboard. You don’t want to drastically reduce the reach of your ads because of a huge list of restricted words. Search terms should be similar to your keywords, but make distinctions your keywords don’t.For... [...]

Vertical Leap Shares Five Ways To Do Keyword Research

Effective keyword can help you to rank well in search engines for specific topics to drive traffic to your site and promote your products and services by enhancing your marketing effectiveness.Vertical Leap contributor Dave Colgate has shared five clever ways to do keyword research.Colgate says, “Basic keyword research isn’t enough to get you ranking high and winning ad auctions anymore. So, in this article, we’ve got five smarter ways to go about keyword research that will help you find new opportunities and become more competitive in search.#1: Target keywords by intent, not volumeThe... [...]