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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Archive for the 'Google Data Studio' Category

Nine Benefits of Using Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is Google’s free reporting and data visualization tool. It helps you to get data from 12 different sources and lets you understand it in a easy-to-read report. WebFX contributor Austin Stouffer has shared nine benefits of using Google Data Studio in your marketing. Stouffer says, “Data Studio comes with several benefits, including these nine: 1. Access unlimited widget options Unlike Google Analytics, which only allows a maximum of 12 graphs or charts in a report, Google Data Studio lets you include any number of widgets. This feature allows you to share and explain... [...]

‘Google Data Studio Now Free to All Small Businesses’ – Small Business Trends

Antony Maina says, “Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) recently made its data analytics and visualization more appealing by removing a major restriction — limit on the number of reports. Until recently, you could only use Data Studio to create up to a maximum of five reports, but with the update, you can now create and share as many reports as you want. Unlimited Free Reports from Google Data Studio “To enable more businesses to get full value from Data Studio we are making an important change — we are removing the 5 report limit in Data Studio,” Google Data Studio product manager Nick Mihailovski... [...]