Google Data Studio is Google’s free reporting and data visualization tool. It helps you to get data from 12 different sources and lets you understand it in an easy-to-read report.

Social Media Examiner’s Chris Mercer has published a four-step guide to help you create a Google Data Studio dashboard.

He says, “Need to quickly gain insights from your marketing efforts? Wondering how to use Google Data Studio to easily create visual dashboards?

In this article, you’ll learn how to create and customize a Google Data Studio dashboard that delivers clear answers you need to improve your marketing. You’ll also discover how to quickly create an entire Google Analytics dashboard in a single click.

Your marketing dashboards can be that simple to use when you have a platform that allows you to build them that way. Fortunately, that’s what Google Data Studio does.

#1: Explore Google Data Studio Template Dashboards

To get started with Google Data Studio, go to Make sure you sign in with the same Google account you use for Google Analytics.

Let’s start by looking at some templates so you can see what’s possible with Google Data Studio”.

How to Create a Google Data Studio Dashboard

Social Media Examiner

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