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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Archive for the 'Copywriting' Category

Video Conversion Cash Machine: 5-Step Formula For Creating Video Saleletters #ad

Top-selling products use a video sales letter on their sales page. How about you? Without a video, you are missing a lot of persuasive power that could be turned loose to bring in more sales. Mike Thomas has just released Video Conversion Cash Machine to show you how to create these video salesletters in just a few hours. With the secrets Thomas reveals in these training videos, you can create persuasive sales videos: • Without being on camera • Without having radio voice • Without expensive equipment • Without being super slick copywriter or salesman Thomas is a highly sought-after... [...]

Powerhouse Presentations: Better presentations mean better sales #ad

The old adage, “Perception is Reality” applies to marketing. No matter how good you product is, your sales will be limited unless you present the product creatively and effectively. To help you raise your product presentation above the ordinary, whether online, in a webinar or in a sales meeting, Andy Benson has created Powerhouse Presentations. If you are going to present your offer well, research will be needed. Then presentation strategy must be developed; call it an outline of the important points about what you are selling. Then you fill in the outline with the actual content... [...]

Master the art of producing and selling short reports #ad

Garry Sayer has built an income by selling small reports of less than 16 pages in length. Unlike a book, doesn’t take months to produce a short report like this. That’s what makes this process exciting. You can create a report in a day and start selling it immediately. Then, if you like, do it all over again the next day. You can be selling lots of books very quickly. Sayer says you should lower your writing target. Don’t plan a book of hundreds of pages; 15 is plenty. And 15 can be written in a matter of hours. Besides being quick to publish, short reports can: • Bring in... [...]

How to create a WSO in 2 hours #ad

Sean Mize says you can create a product for a WSO (Warrior Special Offer) and write the sales letter for it in 2 hours or less. He shows how in How to create a WSO. In this video you watch over his shoulder as he writes the Sales Letter, creates the Product, and then uploads and routes the product delivery sequence. Mize has created over 20 WSOs and his experience shines throughout the video. He knows what he is talking about. Just watch him do it; then, do it yourself. You see him create the product and then get it ready for sale (uploading it to the download server, creating a sales letter,... [...]

WP Johnson Box for added emphasis on important text #ad

Per Wikipedia, “The Johnson Box is named after direct marketer Frank Johnson, who is credited as having first used the Johnson Box to improve response to his offers for American Heritage magazine.” You can see a copy of the original letter here: You have seen Johnson boxes on sales pages all over the web. Their background is usually a contrasting color from the main background and have succinct point of information- sometimes a guarantee, sometimes a testimonial, etc. They are effective for highlighting key... [...]

Response Dynamite: Conversion engineering for your wesites and your Facebook page #ad

Clearly, how you present your offer affects whether people buy it. If you know and practice the techniques that increase buyer desire for your solution, your sales will surely increase. Joe Lavery’s Response Dynamite shows how to shake people out of their lethargy and get them moving on a solution, the one you provide. You need to get a lot of people to your website, of course, but once they are there, the next most important thing is increasing the conversions of the traffic that you are getting to you’re offer, and Response Dynamite shows you some creative ways to do this. This is... [...]

Double Your Clicks? Edmund Loh says you can #ad

In fact, he says you can “Double or Triple Your Email CTR and Open RATE On Your Next Mailing” when you use his new Double Your Clicks. Loh researched both sales copy on web pages and in emails he received to find excellent sales copy. He has assembled over 250 of the best sales letters he found into this new swipe file, which he says contains proven sales messages. You can modify these messages to use them for selling your own products or affiliate products. You get to take advantage od the work of expect copywriters. Don’t use these letters as is, but use them as models of the... [...]

Copywriting Power Phrases can improve your sales #ad

How do the “gurus” sell so much? They hire good copywriters who know how to “romance the product”, tying it to the hopes, dreams and fears of their readers. These top copywriters know how to use the power of evocative words to create a mood and feeling at the same time they inform. If you use these same words, you can improve your own copywriting. That’s why Ashev Jovovic created Copywriting Power Phrases, sharing with you, the words and phrases that move people to action. In this informative report, you get a wide range of winning words and phrases to help you sell... [...]

If I were a Ghostwriter #ad

I’d want to build my relationship with my clients as any other business does, so I’d become a professional business owner, besides a professional writer. Now David Chung has released Magic Ghostwriter, a Windows program that lets you schedule and track your writing gigs, so you:,br> – Never forget one (oh, that’s embarrassing) – Track all the project details, instructions, payment status, deadlines, progress, file locations and more – Easily create a new project for an existing client using client information also stored in Magic Ghostwriter You also track... [...]

How to become a successful short-form copywriter #ad

Steve Peters Benn has been a successful copywriter for years. He has written the copy for many products. Sometimes he writes long sales pages, but short copy is also he skill. When you want to write a tweet that sells, an Adwords ad that sells, a photo caption that sells, and dozens of other miniature ads, you need to create crisp sort-form copy. Benn knows how to write short copy that sells, and now, in his Short Copy Formula he shows you how. This is a professional training course + cheat sheets that take you by the hand and shows you, step-by-step, how you write persuasive short copy. As one... [...]