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Monday, August 8, 2022

Archive for the 'Copywriting' Category

Ultimate SEO Copywriting Guide [Guide]

SEO copy is a specialized form of content that contains key phrases your target reader types into a search box to find the information. An effective SEO copy helps you to rank your content higher in search results. SEMrush contributor Maria Kalyadina has published ‘Ultimate SEO Copywriting Guide’ to help you write effective copy for better SEO. Kalyadina says, “This guide will help you create content that will be useful for both people and search engines. A copywriter’s job has always been a tough one — create engaging copy that showcases the value a business... [...]

How to Refine Your Message: 3 Power Techniques [Video]

A persuasive copy leads you to convince your prospects to make purchase. You can learn to create such messages by observing high performing ads and imitating their strategies. Social Media Examiner team has published a new video ‘How to Refine Your Message: 3 Power Techniques’ Michael Stelzner to help you create strong messages. SME team says, “Struggling to convey your message? Wish you could describe what you do in mere seconds? Michael Stelzner shares three valuable tips to refine your message so you can connect with your ideal audience”. How to Refine... [...]

Four Tips to Craft Message Your Audience Loves

To establish your business, it is very important to reach out the right audience and influence them. Persuasion works as a key to leading them to take purchase decisions. And to persuade them you need good command over copywriting. HubSpot contributor Rebecca White has shared four tips to help you create effective branding messages. White says, “A brand identity that your audience relates to and has a personality — or talks to your audience like a friend — is how you’ll continue to remain relevant to your consumers and create loyal customers. We’ve... [...]

Magical Words That Sell: How to Build Trust in Your Marketing [Podcast]

An effective copy plays important role in your marketing. It helps you to persuade your prospects and convert them into customers. According to Neil Patel, strong copywriting skills can help you to improve your conversion rate by 113%. Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner has published a new podcast episode ‘Magical Words That Sell: How to Build Trust in Your Marketing’ featuring Marcus Sheridan. Stelzner says, “Do your marketing messages make you trustworthy? Are you using the right words and phrases? To explore how words can build trust with customers, I interview... [...]

Essential Business Writing Skills; better sales through better words #ad

Here at IM NewsWatch we see hundreds of ads daily because we subscribe to virtually all the product creator newsletters (and dozens of affiliates) in our niche of online marketing. We need to see this marketing content so we keep up to date, but a lot of it is really poor. The writers often don’t have a good grasp of English and often don’t have a clear understanding of how to write text that fits together and has a logical progression from thought to thought. It looks unprofessional and (more important, for a marketer) it loses its persuasive power. What the writer thought was a sentence... [...]

Copyblogger announces ‘Copyblogger Book Club’

The Copyblogger team has announced the ‘Copyblogger Book Club’ on Facebook. This brings you an opportunity to interact with the readers and copywriters and keep improving your writing. Sonia Simone says, “We’re just starting, so you can jump right in. We’ve been having some great conversations. Aaron had a (controlled) freakout over the whole idea of “gorgeous” language. Jan talks about how writing exercises can expand our skills, even when they’re not directly related to client work. And Julia has us thinking about the role of the semicolon... [...]

Use these words and phrases to sharpen your sales pitch

HubSpot has listed 60 sensory words and phrases that can help marketers spice up their sales pitch in 2018. Greg Schryer says, “Let’s assume you were selling a technical product and you were able to determine which of these three communication mediums best suited your customer. You would then use different messages for each person. If the prospect was a visual person, you might say: “Take a look at the new Model 43. Notice how the new design makes it easier to observe the monitor scope.” If the prospect was an auditory person, you might say: “Let me tell you about... [...]

Copyblogger opens ‘Content Certification Program’

Copyblogger has opened admissions to its Content Certification Program for a limited time. This program helps marketers to develop copywriting skills for strengthening their sales online. This five-week course has following modules: Week 1 – Content Strategy and Your Role as a Professional Writer Week 2 – The Strategic Framework for Success with Content Week 3 – Mapping the Journey: Crafting a Content Marketing Strategy Week 4 – The Rubber Hits the Road: The Strategic Content Types Bonus sessions – The Strategic Tools Every Content Marketer... [...]

Create a better copy with these tips

Copywriting is one of the most important elements of marketing and advertising. It helps you make your brand a lasting impression and continue to be in people’s minds. HubSpot columnist Meghan Keaney Anderson has shared six traits of an effective copy to help marketers enhance their copywriting skills. Meghan says, “Copywriting is like a call-to-action, but on a bigger scale: Copywriters are trying to get people to feel, think, or respond — or, ideally, to Google the slogan or brand to learn more about the campaign. And where a blog post like this one has the luxury of hundreds... [...]

HubSpot shares five strategies to effective copywriting

For all marketers a copy is the most important piece of content as it is used to convey the product information and convince the reader to take an action. HubSpot columnist Eddie Shleyner has shared five tips to help marketers improve their copywriting skills based some of the writings of Charles Bukowski . On importance of writing with emotions, Shleyner says, “Most purchases aren’t logical decisions. People buy things based on how they make them feel. So, your copy should evoke emotion. To do that, copywriters dance with the human condition, playing on memories... [...]