A persona is a composite sketch of a target market based on validated commonalities. Persona can be used to form a content strategy for driving productive buyer engagement. With persona you can make sure what kind of content your audience is seeking.

To help marketers create actionable content marketing personas, CMI’s Jodi Harris has shared a five-step guide.

Talking about the actionable personas and the steps to create them, Harris says, “When you think of your audience, you may first think in business demographic terms. Naturally, you want your personas to include the most relevant data points (e.g., business type, job title and function, geographic location). However, while this data is used primarily to group audience members by what they have in common, personas enable marketers to hone key differentiators that, once revealed, could give your company’s content an edge. Even for time-crunched content marketers, anything that can help you to prioritize the most competitively relevant and strategically aligned insights should be considered invaluable.

Constructing your personas 

Persona development is a customized process, as it is meant to help your team address its unique marketing challenges and opportunities. However, the following framework can help you get started on the right track:

Step 1: Envision your ideal customer.

This should be the person your content efforts are likely to help most. To build a picture of who she (or he) is, give the person a name and fill in the most critical characteristics relevant to your business. This character sketch will serve as the foundation of your persona”.

Guide for Creating Actionable Content Marketing Personas

Content Marketing Institute

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