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Monday, June 1, 2020

Latest News

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TRUSTe To Launch Trusted Download Program Beta

TRUSTe will launch Trusted Download Program Beta. The program will create a list of downloadable adware and trackware that have been certified as safe. [Read more] [Read more]

OSDL Launches Online Patent Commons Reference Library

The OSDL, Open Source Development Labs, has launched an online patent commons reference library. The library enables developers of open source software to search the OSDL databases. [Read more] [Read more]

Global Internet Security Market To Reach $58 Billion by 2010

The global internet security market is expected to grow at a rate of 16% and reach $58 billion by 2010. Business Communications Co is to publish a report soon on the same. [Read more] [Read more]

U.N.World Summit Discusses Internet Governance

The U.N. World Summit discussed internet governance as one of the key issues of the Information Committee. U.S will remain incharge of the internet addressing system. [Read more] [Read more]

Amazon Shares Moved into S&P 500 Slot

Amazon shares have been moved into the S&P 500 slot. Amazon shares have risen to US$45.18. [Read more] [Read more]

MSN to Launch Four New Ad Types in China

MSN is planning to launch four new ad types, VIR, VOTP, ExSky and B&S, in China, in order to increase ad clients. [Read more] [Read more]

Google Launches Google Base Beta

Google has launched a beta version of Google Base. Small website owners to large organizations can submit data related to products, services and events, which Google will make searchable. [Read more] [Read more]

Smart Online Announces Two New SaS Application Suites

Smart Online has announced two new Software-as-Services, SaS, application suites. The application suites are for the small business market. [Read more] [Read more]

Yahoo Releases Shoposphere and Pick Lists Beta

Yahoo has released Shopospere and Pick Lists Beta. Shopospere allows buyers to choose products sorted by theme. [Read more] [Read more]

Omnicom Buys Resolution Media

Omnicom Group Inc., has bought Chicago search engine marketing company Resolution Media. [Read more] [Read more]

MSN Shopping Adds Comparison Shopping Tools

MSN has added comparison shopping tools to its shopping site. [Read more] [Read more]

Google Registers New Domaain Names

Google has registered new domain names, in the last few days. [Read more] [Read more]