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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Latest News

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YellowPages Announces Agreement with Yahoo! Local

YellowPages has announced an agreement with Yahoo! Local and Yahoo! Yellow Pages. YellowPages advertising will appear on Yahoo! Local and Yahoo! Yellow Pages. [Read more] [Read more]

Current Bid at $152,100 for Final 1000 Pixels on eBay

The final 1,000 pixels on The Million Dollar Home Page of ebay are for sale. The current bid is at $152,100 with 5 days and 11 hours to go. [Read more] [Read more]

Bronto Launches Winter 2005 Releases

Bronto email marketing software provider has launched Winter 2005 releases. The releases include Clickstream Tracking, Custom Web Landing Pages, Inbox Message Replies, Redesigned Home Tab and Client Controlled Billing. [Read more] [Read more]

Sophos Identifies Top 10 Viruses and Hoaxes in Dec 2005

Sophos has identified the top 10 viruses and hoaxes found in Dec 2005. The W32/Sober-Z was on top of the virus list and “˜The Hotmail Hoax’ was on top of the hoax list. [Read more] [Read more]

New Beta Site Offers Business Search Services in Multiple Languages

New Beta site is offering business search services in English, Spanish, and simplified and traditional Chinese. [Read more] [Read more]

Yahoo Adds Vidcasts to Yahoo! Podcasts

Yahoo has added vidcasts to Yahoo! Podcasts. Users can view videos of their choice using this service. [Read more] [Read more]

Google To Offer Paid Video Download Service

Google is going to offer paid video download services. Google will allow users to buy television shows or other videos which can be downloaded onto the user’s computer. [Read more] [Read more]

MarketingSherpa to Conduct Email Marketing Summit 2006

MarketingSherpa is going to conduct the Email Marketing Summit 2006 on April 20 and 21. The summit will feature case studies and presentations on Testing, Co-registration, Fundraising, Delivery, and best email design. [Read more] [Read more]

New Spear Phishing Email Targets eBay Sellers

A new spear phishing email is targeting eBay sellers. The phishers direct the account holders to enter their eBay login information and steal their identity. [Read more] [Read more]

Paid Search to Grow 41% in 2006

Paid search is expected to grow 41% in 2006. Google will lead the paid search market and growth. [Read more] [Read more]

Symantec to Acquire IMlogic

Symantec is going to acquire IMlogic, a company which makes enterprise software for IM. IMlogic’s threat detection and removal for IM will be integrated into the Symantec Security Response service. [Read more] [Read more]

Google Investigates Fake Site

Google is investigating a fake foreign website that has copied Google’s trademark logo and homepage design. [Read more] [Read more]