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Saturday, March 2, 2024

A Guide to Marketing on Threads [Guide]

Digital Marketing Institute has published ‘A Guide to Marketing on Threads’. The DMI team says, “Since its launch in July 2023, and expansion into the EU in December, Threads has gotten off to a flying start. But, will its success endure beyond the initial enthusiasm for this new platform on the block? And will it prove to be a bite-sized social media marketing tool that offers a real return on investment (ROI)? What is Threads? Who is using Threads? How do you get started with Threads? How can you use Threads to boost your brand? What brands are on Threads? How to create a strategy... [...]

Boundaries, Breaks, and Delegation: Insights on Agency Leadership [Podcast]

Social Media Examiner has published the latest episode of the Social Media Marketing Podcast ‘Boundaries, Breaks, and Delegation: Insights on Agency Leadership’ featuring Terry Isner. The SME team says, “Do you feel guilty taking time off? Not sure your team can manage without you? Discover how agency owners and leadership can prioritize self-care, delegate more, and boost innovation through transparent communication and vulnerability.” Social Media Examiner              [...]

How Google Search crawls pages [Video]

Google Search Central has published a new video ‘How Google Search crawls pages’. The GSC team says, “Discover the steps that go into how Google Search “crawls”” or finds and fetches web pages to display on Search, from URL discovery to fetching and rendering. Learn what Googlebot is, what it does, if Googlebot crawls every URL it finds, why sitemaps can be helpful for your website, and much more!”  [...]

GPT Book Creator: Turn words into wealth #ad

GPT Book Creator may give you the opportunity of a lifetime: turning your dream of becoming a published author into reality. Imagine holding a professionally written and designed book in your hands, sharing your story with the world, and leaving a lasting legacy and not having to pay a ghostwriter $800-$1000 or mor to produce it. Well, with GPT Book Creator, that dream can be just a day away. Tomorrow at 10:00 EST, this new AI tool will be introduced in a training webinar. Book your seat now and unlock exclusive benefits: ✅ Massive Discount: As a special pre-launch offer, they’re offering... [...]

How to Determine SEO Potential: A Comprehensive Guide [Guide]

SEO potential is a measure of how much organic traffic a website can generate from search results. Semrush has published ‘How to Determine SEO Potential: A Comprehensive Guide’. Dana Nicole says, “Analyzing the SEO potential of a niche helps you eliminate the guesswork when it comes to content creation and website optimization. By analyzing your niche’s SEO potential, you can: Determine if SEO is a worthwhile strategy for your niche. So you know where to invest your marketing dollars. Estimate the potential ROI of your SEO efforts. So you know what level of investment is suitable. Identify... [...]

Rewriting the SEO Starter Guide [Video]

Google Search Central has published a new video ‘Rewriting the SEO Starter Guide’. The GSC team says, “The SEO Starter Guide is getting a refresh! Have you ever wondered how the Search team plans and writes such a document? In this episode of Search Off the Record, John Mueller, Gary Illyes, and Lizzi Sassman discuss which topics are still relevant, the right level of detail for a starter guide, and whether or not including anti-patterns in documentation is a good idea. ”  [...]

Finding Your Audience: What You Can Learn From Stanley [Video]

HubSpot has published a new video ‘Finding Your Audience: What You Can Learn From Stanley’. The HubSpot team says, “In this video, we’re breaking down the incredible story of #StanleyTumbler. Watch as we uncover how Stanley, a storied brand that’s been around for over a century, turned their underperforming product into a $750 million viral hit. Dive into this inspiring breakdown of innovation, risk-taking, and the power of understanding your audience. If you’re a marketer looking to learn from real-world triumphs, this is a story you can’t afford... [...]

5 AI Tools That Are About To Power Up Your SEO Strategy [Podcast]

Similarweb has published a new episode of the Marketing Intelligence podcast ‘5 AI Tools That Are About To Power Up Your SEO Strategy’ featuring Charlie Witworth. The Similarweb team says, “Is AI going to replace our jobs? No, not anytime soon anyway. But can we use AI tools to work more efficiently? Yes, we can. That’s what we’re discussing in today’s episode of In Search Podcast with Ivana Flynn. Ivana has a professional passion in using SEO to break into new and tricky markets – she’s an author, a public speaker, and an SEO Director, and she certainly knows... [...]

How will Google’s most powerful AI, Gemini, impact SEO? [Podcast]

The latest The SERP’s Up SEO podcast episode is titled ‘How will Google’s most powerful AI, Gemini, impact SEO?’. The SERP’s Up team says, “Google Gemini is here but what does it mean for SEO? How does Gemini factor into Search and what does it even mean for the evolution of AI in general? Wix’s Mordy Oberstein and Crystal Carter are joined by Search Engine Land’s Editor-in-Chief, Danny Goodwin, to evaluate what Gemini is and might become from an SEO point of view. Plus, The Neuron’s Pete Huang takes a look at what Gemini means for the overall evolution... [...]

How to Build an Email List Without Paid Marketing [Podcast]

Copyblogger has published the latest podcast episode ‘How to Build an Email List Without Paid Marketing’ featuring Tim Stoddart & Ethan Brooks. The Copyblogger team says, “On this week’s throwback episode, ⁠@timstodz⁠ and ⁠@damn_ethan⁠ talk about an interesting Twitter thread that was written and published by ⁠Alex Garcia⁠. Both Tim and Ethan had some really interesting insights to this thread, and they added as much value as possible to teach you how to build an email list and grow your audience without breaking the bank.” Copyblogger  [...]

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