Semrush contributor Marcus Tober has published an article ‘The State of Search 2023’ explaining major search trends.

He says, “We calculated the total traffic trend in 2022 based on the top 50,000 domains in the US from the Semrush .Trends Rank and Traffic Analytics (Clickstream data). On average, these websites received about 140 billion visits per month and, with the mid-year recession in mind, the traffic trend appeared to follow economic activity in 2022. There was a slight decline in the middle of 2022, and a recovery by the end of the year.

The Search traffic trend of the same domains followed a similar pattern and made up around 18% of the total traffic for the year. Be sure to check out the State of Search 2023 infographic to explore the data, including Search traffic for some of the world’s biggest websites.

What Were 2022’s Industry Trends?

We also analyzed Search traffic trends for selected industries to uncover how the landscape might have changed from one brand to the next. ”

The State of Search 2023


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