HubSpot has published a new report ‘The State of Social Media in 2023: How You Can Build Communities, Drive Sales, and Go Viral, According to 1,000+ Social Media Managers’.

Caroline Forsey says, “Nowadays, social media marketers are inundated daily with information on evolving trends, social platforms that are gaining or losing steam, and new types of content.

It can be hard to keep track. As a social media marketer, you might be asking yourself:

  • Which social platform is going to offer me the highest ROI in 2023?
  • When is the best time to post on social?
  • Should I invest in micro-influencers? Should I hire creators? Should I do neither?
  • What’s all the fuss about social media communities?
  • Do my customers care about customer service on social media, or not really?

To help you identify which trends matter most to your business, and how you can shape your social strategy accordingly, HubSpot Blog Research polled 1,000+ social media marketers globally to learn the biggest trends, challenges, and opportunities of social in 2023.”

The State of Social Media in 2023


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