Power Online Reviews WP PluginThe Power Online Reviews WordPress Plugin lets you ethically and legally generate and publish genuine positive reviews for your own business or for any customer’s business. You can set it up in under 5 minutes and start accepting reviews immediately.

Of course, when you or a client opens a review option for a site, you will probably have some people leave good reviews and some, who were dissatisfied, leave reviews that are not so good.

You would like to handle the good and bad reviews differently. Power Online Reviews lets you do that easily.

➤ Good reviews are worth spreading around so the user is offered a chance to post their review on any review site such as Google, Yellow Pages, TripAdvisor, etc.

When you set up the plugin, you choose the review site where you would like reviews to be posted, and the plugin prompts the user to send their review to your chosen review site.

➤ On the other hand, when there are bad reviews, there isn’t a prompt to post them. Instead, they are sent directly to you to manage and resolve problems with the unhappycustomer without any posting of the review on a review site.

So good reviews accumulate online and bad ones are handled privately.
Quick overview of the whole system:
• A service you can deliver in 15 minutes and charge a monthly fee to manage reviews for your clients.
• The WordPress Plugin takes only minutes to install and setup so you can deliver results moments later.
• Supports customizable preset emails and 1-Click responses to reviews
• All reviews are saved to a database for reference and for proof that they are genuine.

It’s easy to use. Watch this demo.

By the way, this is version 3.0 of this plugin. This new version is a multi-language upgrade. It has 100% customizable customer-facing text. You choose the language it should display.

You need good testimonials and reviews for your business. So do your clients and customers. Get this new plugin here: Power Online Reviews.

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