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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Get Started with Artificial Intelligence [Video]

Content Marketing Institute has published a new #CMWorld 2022 video ‘Get Started with Artificial Intelligence’ featuring Paul Roetzer. This is a clip from Paul Roetzer’s session at Content Marketing World 2022 called Piloting AI for Content Marketers: How to Get Started with Artificial Intelligence. Content Marketing Institute  [...]

How to Improve Content Experience for Readers

The success of content marketing lies in the way your audience perceives and receives your content. Content Marketing Institute contributor Lisa Dougherty has published an article featuring five simple things you can do to improve the content experience for readers. She says, “What if you create such a good experience that your audience doesn’t even realize it’s an “experience?” Here’s a helpful mish-mash of easy-to-do things to make that possible. 1. Write with an inclusive heart There’s nothing worse than being in a conversation with someone who constantly talks about themselves.... [...]

Community-Based Marketing: The Future of Business [Podcast]

Community-based marketing makes use of the shared connections you find in a professional community. Social Media Examiner has published the latest episode of the  Social Media  Marketing Podcast ‘Community-Based Marketing: The Future of Business’. The SME team says, “Is your marketing fizzling out? Are you wondering how to employ a sustainable strategy to grow your business? Discover the benefits of community and why it’s a powerful marketing strategy.” Social Media Examiner  [...]

Rewardsly 2.0: best QR-code loyalty program & gift card system #ad

Ben Murray and Karthik Ramani have just launched an enhanced version of their Rewardsly software, launched in 2021. As the original version did, it builds a loyalty program for a business, offering rewards for clients who frequently shop at their store or website. (They’re holding a training webinar at 10 EST; see below for details.) Did you know the majority of a small business’s revenue comes from repeat customers? That’s because acquiring new customers is a large expense, reducing the profit on the first sale. Keeping loyal customers is the key to any business’s long-term... [...]

Think Spiderwebs, Not Funnels, For Remarkable SEO Results, February 2 [Webinar]

The concept of the funnel is so fundamental to digital marketing, it’s hard to imagine a world where it doesn’t serve as the go-to metaphor for lead generation and capture. Digital Marketing Depot is hosting a webinar ‘Think Spiderwebs, Not Funnels, For Remarkable SEO Results’ on Thursday, February 2, 2023, at 1.00 pm EDT. The DMD team says, “With access to more data than ever before—and tech to interpret that data for marketers looking to write the right content to drive organic traffic—we now know the better framework for marketers to embrace is the spiderweb. Join us... [...]

The Right Way to Segment Your Content [Video]

Content marketing is a creative job. To make it impactful, you need to implement various strategies. Content segmentation is one such way. It allows you to target different content to different types of people based on their behavior or other factors. Watch Neil Patel’s latest video on how to segment your content. He says, “How well do you know your audience? If you’re treating every single lead that comes your way the same, you can be totally sabotaging your marketing strategy. So what do you do? You need to use segmentation.” Neil Patel’s Blog  [...]

Global Marketing Day 2023 Conference, February 16-17

The Global Marketing Day 2023 Conference, powered by Semrush is going to be held on February 16-17, 2023. It is a free conference.  The conference will have 48 sessions featuring 150+ speakers. Global Marketing Day is a unique, nonstop, 24-hour livestream from New York, London, and Dubai that features speaking slots from the world’s biggest brands. As a marketing conference like no other, it shares sharp-as-a-tack insights and up-to-the-minute trends for you to apply to your own strategies for success. The best part? It’s absolutely free. Learn, network, and find inspiration with other marketers... [...]

5 CX Trends That Will Shape 2023, February 9 [Webinar]

No matter the situation, one principle in delivering great customer experiences holds true: creating stellar experiences for your existing customers is the best way to attract new ones. Digital Marketing Depot is hosting a webinar ‘5 CX Trends That Will Shape 2023’ on Thursday, February 9, 2023, at 1.00 EDT. The DMD team says, “This webinar will explore how brands are uniquely listening to customer feedback and applying the latest techniques to garner meaningful, actionable customer insights — to ultimately drive increased engagement with customers and employees, from the front... [...]

Portent Highlights Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines

Search Quality Raters are required to conduct a Page Quality Rating task which assesses the reliability of Google Search results. Portent contributor Eval Hall has published an article featuring Google’s search quality evaluator guidelines for SEO in 2023. He says, “The SQRG is written for regular people who have signed up for the Quality Rater Program as a part-time job, not digital marketers. It contains instructions for researching the websites and authors for the rated pages, examples of how to score various pages, and guidance for specific types of content. The Search Quality Rater... [...]

Do ranking factors matter for SEO? [Podcast]

Listen to the latest SERP’s Up podcast episode ‘Do ranking factors matter for SEO?’. The SERM’s Up team says, “SEO Ranking Factors. Do they matter? Should you focus on them? And if not, what should you be focused on? Do some ranking factors matter more than others? How do you know if a tactic has directly influenced your ranking? On this episode of the SERPs Up SEO Podcast we’re diving into the narrative around “ranking factors”! Marcus Tober, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Solutions for Semrush, joins the podcast to further discuss ranking factors and SEO. Tune... [...]

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