Content marketing is one of the most preferred ways to promote products and services. It helps you build a strong base for your business.

Forbes contributor Sonya Matejko has published an article featuring five content marketing trends.

She says, “How can brands deliver? Forbes’ award-winning creative team—which was recently named “Digital Team of the Year” at Folio’s Eddie & Ozzie Awards—has a few insider tips to share.

1. Content audits take center stage.

Updating and repurposing existing content that reflects ongoing and evolving goals is a primary focus for many content marketers, which brands can do by performing a content marketing audit.

Forbes C&DS recommendation: Revisit valuable content you’ve created in the past, and consider showcasing it in new formats or on different platforms. For example, turn blog posts into LinkedIn-enhanced graphics or highlight your data-driven insights to audio formats.”

Don’t Overlook These 5 Content Marketing Trends


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