Affiliate Automation Academy
Before we get to the details: there are only four more days in the launch of Affiliate Automation Academy. For the best ROI, you need to act quickly because we expect that the investment will never be this low again.

Claude Buzizi, the creator, tells us that when you get this blueprint for affiliate marketing before the end of the launch, you will receive a 99% discount on the full price. You can do the math to see what that implies.

You’ve been warned. Now on to the details of this new system:

The Affiliate Automation Academy provides you we these valuable benefits for an affiliate marketer:
✓ Simple 3-step system to building multiple streams of income from your laptop
✓ Best way for people without marketing skills to make money online
✓ Where to find high paying done-for-you affiliate opportunities as well as the opportunities that pay recurring commissions.
✓ How to build your online business without a web page or a social media
✓ How to create a 2nd stream of income in your spare time while you have a full-time job
✓ How to set up multiple streams of income quickly
✓ How to put together your E-Automation funnel from scratch without any technical experience
✓ How to build a large email audience eager to hear from you in weeks, not years
✓ How to send e-letters to your entire audience at the push of a button
✓ How to collect email addresses into email automation software
✓ How to make money with your E-Automation business by partnering with brands who want to work with you and let you start free
✓ How to set up automatic e-letters to be sent to every new email address that joins your E-Automation without your touching anything so you can make automated income
✓ How to design your E-Automation funnel to make passive income, so you have more time for family and personal fulfillment
✓ How to build your email list faster with your E-Automation business and at a lower cost
✓ How to build a lead capture page that converts better than the national average
✓ What to say in your e-letter headlines to get people to open them

Plus, you also get these bonuses:
1) 25 Super Affiliate Automation Tips Guide – how to use E-Automation without all the boring technical details.
2) Private Traffic Rolodex – five instant automated traffic sources you can use to flood your E-Automation business with responsive email addresses by the thousands.
3) Done For You Income Streams – don’t know what to promote? Maximize your income by using the top done-for-you income streams. Get paid more money in less time. (we have done the research so you don’t have to – a big time-saver.)
4) 6 Months of Free Coaching – coaching calls with Buzizi, email support, mastermind access, and a phone-support hotline.
5) 90-Minute Online Webclass Training (297 value) – Buzizi will reveal the anatomy of a high-converting E-Automation affiliate super-funnel he uses to build his email list with cold traffic. By the end of this class you’ll have so many of your questions answered. There’s so much content, you should watch it twice.

Fast Action Bonus – 5-DAY List Building Challenge: Growing your income with email affiliate marketing in just 5 days

The 5-Day List Building Challenge is yours at no extra cost when you get the affiliate automation academy blueprint here: Affiliate Automation Academy.

This is the most comprehensive bonus package that Buzizi has ever put together. All in all, including this bonus, you are receiving a surprisingly large value – Buzizi says it’s worth thousands – all dedicated to helping you build multiple streams of long-term income by driving quality leads you your offers faster and at a lower cost than before.

Time is running out. Check Buzizi’s offer here: Affiliate Automation Academy.

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