PixiVid Video Software PixiVid Pro builds attractive videos to improve your marketing success.

With Pixivid, you get 200+ video and presentation templates made up of 1,000+ different slides for a tiny investment.

These include:
➤ Animation Video Templates
➤ Instagram Post Templates
➤ Presentation Video Features
➤ Movie Posters
➤ Instagram Story Tools
➤ Facebook Cover Banners
➤ Flyer Designs
➤ Vertical, Scroll Up Banners
➤ User-Friendly Tutorials
➤ Animation, Audio, and Transitions included.

Each of these templates is a PowerPoint® PPTX file. That makes it easy to start using a template with a small learning curve. Just load it into Powerpoint and add your own text and change a graphic or two if you like.

If you don’t have Powerpoint, don’t worry. You can change the file extension from PPTX to ZIP. Then unzip the file and use it in whatever graphic software you have. The process won’t be as automated, but you can still take advantage of these professional designs.

Remember, we have arranged bonuses for our readers who make this investment: PixiVid Bonuses

We have found a new coupon available on this last day: pixivid2off. Take advantage of it to save $2.

But don’t forget; today is the last day for this low launch price. Get it now, before it’s too late, here: PixiVid Pro.

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