With Koincart, you can help small businesses accept cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). Accepting cryptocurrency in payment provides a lot of advantages to a business, primarily reducing transaction costs and widening the range of people you can sell to.

International commerce is an expensive business. There are high fees for collecting money from other countries and exchanging it into you home country’s currency. Those fees are avoided or drastically reduced when you accept cryptocurrency.

In today’s tight financial conditions, businesses everywhere are looking to expand their market for their products. Selling in other countries is the natural next step. They just need to accept payment efficiently. They can pay the high fees from banks, Paypal, Venmo, Stripe, etc. (and some potential customers will want to pay that way, but they cam also add the crypto capabilities of crypto that you offer them with With Koincart. This will increase their reach and grow their business.

From their perspective, it’s vital. From your perspective, it’s simple:
➤ Just install cryptocurrency checkout for their site with a simple click.
➤ Then, integrate Koincart in a click.
➤ Charge your clients a yearly fee or one-time fee so they can immediately accept crypto.

If they have online assets, they can auto-deliver memberships for their courses and classes.

Koincart offers many DFY themes to choose from (so they get a design consistent with their online store) and accepts many kinds of cryptocurrency.

Now, these small businesses start accepting cryptocurrency for their products & services hands-free in addition to normal credit card payments, Paypal payments, etc..

And you don’t need clients to profit from this new tool. If you have your own e-commerce sites, including cryptocurrency checkout on your own sites will provide you with these same benefits.

Get your cryptocurrency checkout toolkit here: Koincart.

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