When it comes to digital marketing success, there are several skills that you need to acquire. Social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and marketing automation are some of them.

Ahrefs contributor Mateusz Makosiewicz has published an article highlighting 14 universal digital marketing skills you can’t ignore.

He says, “The sooner you start to learn those “universal” skills, the better—because those skills act as investments. They will pay off nicely when you work your way toward becoming an expert in a given field or when you switch to another marketing specialization that’s currently trending.

1. Data literacy

Digital marketers swim in a pool of data all of the time. Insights come from data, decisions are based on data, results are in the form of data, and your reports will be filled with data too.

I’m talking about metrics, graphs, trends, and statistics, not to mention the more advanced stuff like predictive analytics. It’s important to develop an appreciation of these things because marketers are required to do these four things really well:

  1. Report on the past – Example: calculate the conversion rate from trial signups to paid subscriptions.”

14 Universal Digital Marketing Skills You Can’t Ignore


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