An appealing email design makes your emails more likely to get clicks and sales.

AWeber contributor Sean Tinney has published an email-design guide for non-designers.

He says, “The right visual style can make the difference between a subscriber who takes an action and one who deletes your email. Attention spans are getting shorter, so understanding how people read your email will help you craft more effective messages.

Knowing where their eyes are more likely to go will help you create a layout that makes your email more readable and helps navigate the reader towards your call to action. So let’s dive into a few email design tips that will help you do that.

1 – Z-Pattern

The Z-Pattern traces the path of your eyes when reading, which is left to right, top to bottom.

People will read the first line across, then down and to the left, and back across the right again. When reading in this pattern, it forms a Z-shape.”

Email Design Tips: A Guide for Non-Designers


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