Just to let you know that Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth are running a brand new Kibo Eclipse workshop today.

>> Get registered for a workshop here: Kibo Eclipse Workshop.

On the call they are going to be revealing a 10-Step “Beginner-Friendly” action-plan for following a proven online sales system.

And how to reach a $300K/year run-rate (in as little as 30 days) selling shockingly-simple products while using free targeted traffic.

They’re also going to be covering:

➤ Every part of the 10-Step action-plan, going into *fine detail* on each section so you can quickly launch a successful online business, if you take action and apply the system.
➤ How to accelerate the process dramatically so you can be up and running in as little as 60 minutes (using 3 massive shortcuts).
➤ Other types of peculiar products that have been proven to generate 6-figures in sales every month (some of these will likely surprise you).
➤ Two ‘secret’ traffic sources that generate super-fast and highly targeted ‘buyer’ traffic (one of which is bigger than Amazon)
➤ Incredible results from students who have been following this system who have built successful online businesses in record time.
➤ and much, much more.

>> Select a time and register right here: Kibo Eclipse Workshop.

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