According to MOZ, on-page SEO refers to the SEO elements you control on the webpage, or the webpage code, itself. contributor Brian Harnish has published ‘Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO Techniques’.

She says, “The word ego has multiple definitions. In psychoanalytic theory, for instance, the ego is “that portion of the human personality which is experienced as the ‘self’ or ‘I’ and is in contact with the external world through perception.”

In the context of ego bait, though, ego can be defined by its more common meaning: “Your idea or opinion of yourself, especially your feeling of your own importance and ability.”

Most of us want to feel better about ourselves and our skills, and that’s why ego bait works. Ego bait is a tried-and-true marketing practice that involves talking about someone in a positive way in order to gain their attention. In other words, it means baiting people into action by boosting their egos.

What kinds of actions can people take, exactly? Usually, it has to do with spreading the word about the content in which they were mentioned.”

Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO Techniques

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