SEO is one of the most important processes that you need to master to grow your business. With changing search engine algorithms, you need to adjust your SEO strategies.

Search Engine Journal contributor Kristopher Jones has shared 10 of the worst SEO mistakes even the experts make.

He says, “Here are 10 of the worst SEO mistakes even the old masters can still make.

1. Presenting a Poor Internal Link Structure

As your website balloons in size with all of your awesome content, you’re bound to encounter some pretty basic internal linking errors.

This includes everything from producing mass duplicate content to 404 page errors cropping up.

I think internal linking structures are vastly overlooked by webmasters, yet serve as one of the most valuable functions in your UX and SEO strategy.

Internal links provide five valuable benefits for your website:

  • Providing clear pathways to conversion pages.
  • Spreading authority to webpages hidden deep on your site.
  • Providing additional reading or interactive material for users to consume on your site.”

10 of the Worst SEO Mistakes Even the Experts Make

Search Engine Journal

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