We told you about Smart Content Profits, just released by Richard Fairbairn and his partner, Paul OKeeffe, you can create a WordPress site fully hosted on paid-for hosting.

You have full control of your site and can use it for any marketing you choose.

Smart Content Profits automatically builds your site and fills it with niche-specific content in just minutes.

As a part of the current early bird offer, you get to add three domains to the WordPress hosting for a one-time fee, which will save a lot on host fees.

Check this out:: Smart Content Profits.

Every time you post an article your post is shared to your Facebook, Twitter, etc., and it is properly formatted so it is a source of valuable backlinks.

Now you can have a start-to-finish solution, set up on your chosen domain name, all configured, with theme and plugins all in place. Everything works; everything is beautiful. And it’s all automated. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Then, your site will, on its own, start hunting out the best, most compelling content on whatever niche or subject you selected.

It will automatically do this, hands-off from you, posting the best of the best, completely curated in the proper format, with attributions and everything.

That is something any marketer would find helpful. Get your copy here: Smart Content Profits.

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